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33 Comments on “How to Get a 4000 Grit or a 5000 Grit Polish Finish With a TruCut Sanding Pad”

    1. No, the durability of this pad is about 1/2 of the other pads as the technology used to get it to shine a ball is very different. The good news is the surface lasts 3 to 4 times longer on the ball.

  1. When these going up for sale? Ive got the kit but need 3000 and this pad… how does one get the ball to 3000 when not offered thru ctd?

  2. Looks like great products,my son bowls at Oklahoma Christian university and I will definitely get some stuff for him to try

  3. I would have liked to have seen you throw each ball at the end of the video to compare. Great videos though, keep up the good work!

  4. Hey got a question when I used 1000 grit aberlon wet and by hand what pad would be the best with a truck cut pad I tried the 1000 by hand wet and was way to aggressive compared to the 1000 aberlon was so 2000 wet or a 3000 pad wet by hand be the best to get that same finish as a 1000 aberlon ?

  5. I wet sand my ball by hand with 2000 since it came out of the box as such, before every bowling session. The ball hooks a ton as expected and the backend is most angular. This type of reaction only lasts about 6 frames for me, however. As the ball soaks up the oil, it will not hook as much as it did during the first 5 frames.

  6. Ron–To get a true 5000 surface can one go from 3000 TruCut to 5000 TruCut on spinner/Vertex? Thanks! Scott

  7. WOW! This is some seriously great bowling tech! This can really change the way a lot of people approach lanes pre-league and what not. I cannot wait to get me a set of these!

    1. No it’s about the same. The P5000D pad is actually less than the other pads because it is designed to break down to create the shine when used on a high speed spinner. If used by hand it’s about the same

  8. Been throwing the all road. Great ball.
    But im really struggling game 3. I cant seem to find a ball that goes longer down lane. I have the storm orange rocket. But not sure what finsh i should putvit at to help me. Any ideas?

  9. AS AN OLDER BOWLER at age 62 – throwing the ball at lower speeds (12.5 mph ish) the P5000D pads used with the Turtle Wax 5500 let me bowl where I want to on dry lane conditions without killing myself.

  10. What would I use for a old raw hammer sir ? Or what should I purchase ? And also maybe a old urethane ball possibly

    1. You can use the Clear to restore the Raw Hammer, or look at the hammer fugitive line for a replacement. The purple hammer urethane is a good replacement for a urethane ball

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr I’m liking the new hammer line ups and gonna purchase sooner or later definitely but not quite ready to give up the ones I have now I was meaning as far as pads I need to purchase any suggestions?

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