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33 Comments on “How to get a TruCut 1500 Grit Polish (Shiny) finish on a bowling ball”

  1. Great information Ron and very useful. Interesting how the competitive products that we’ve all used for years to sand and finish our bowling balls have never produced such a video as you just did explaining the virtues of their product.

  2. Great info an products now will be able to created the the correct surfaces on my equipment.

  3. Great video! I’m planning to get some of these pads in the near future. I do have a question though. In earlier videos, you mentioned that you wouldn’t need to sand your ball with different grit pads in order to get the finish you want (Ex. if factory finish is 500/1000 you would only need to use the 1000 with trucut). Is that true for this as well? If you skipped the 1500 pad in this video and just used the 3000 and P5000D would there be a difference?

    1. What I said about skipping grits is true all the way up to 2000. If you are going to use P5000D and want that 5000 grit finish you have to have a base grit of 3000 first. You could skip 1500 as long as your bowling ball was not at say 500 grit to start.

  4. That Jayhawk doesn’t lie! The amount of information gathered from the few videos I have seen thusfar from you is simply the most awesome stuff I have learned as a bowler this year. Purchased a set of pads and I look forward to finally getting my arsenal finishes straight! Curious if Storm and other ball manufacturers realize how misleading a 1500 polished label truly is. I see a lot of OOB 1500 polished finishes and I am willing to bet from the factory, ball to ball there are discrepancies. I have a feeling 5000 D will last longer than polish which typically after a league night is already dull.
    How long have you kept a surface up for? Until it has a few nicks and needs a resurface anyway?
    This could definitely save time and money vs. me spending all that effort with my spinner restoring surfaces almost constantly.
    Side note I follow a lot of videos for ball reviews and such that HATE OOB finishes…now we all know why! It isn’t truly the surface it is labelled. For me this is a gamechanger. I have used Abralon and Sia air pads and this is clearly better.

    1. Thank you for the support we will have more videos and performance data by the end of next week. Looking forward to showing you some more information about ball surface.

    1. 3000 will remove 1500 completely. So you should use the 1500 if you have a lower number grit on the ball to start with like 1000 or 500. Otherwise there isn’t a difference.

  5. Hey Rob, first thanks for these videos. This is my first time on a league, and would like to get more hook at the end with my Ebonite Cylone ( all stock ) would you recommend that I have the house Bowling shop pro watch me throw before attempting any of these modifications you’re showing? Thank you.

    1. Hello yes having a qualified pro shop take a look at your game will help get you in the right direction. We also have lots of blogs and videos on our website ctdbowling.com

  6. This is very helpful but i have a dv8 pitbull that says factory finesh is 500 and 1000 siaar grit what is that mean?

  7. I know this video is old Ron, Maybe you will see this. How often would I have to repeat this process to maintain that surface, really until I would start to notice a performance difference?

    1. @Icy Khan touch up surface or resurface. Cause a resurface seems like a lot after just 9 games

  8. Can I use 500 grit abralon on my ripd solid and then finish with 2000 grit as it was the factory out of box finish? No polish or dull.

  9. My Hy-Road was getting “hook-less” and I tried using 1500 with 2 Step and it would work for a while. So, I tried your method but used that drill attachment with the ball bearing spinner and of course your directions with the Tru-Cut pads. NICE! No polishing compound needed. A nice squeeky cover and Good Turn! I will keep track of the number of games before I need to de-oil it and repeat your process so I can compare. I really like the feel of the ball and its reaction in the 3 games I have on the 5200d process so far.

  10. I bought myself 1000 grit surface pads and it brought my intense fire back to life. On a house shot I did it before my League

  11. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and sharing great information. I have experienced years of frustration trying to resurface my bowling balls with traditional methods. Your TruCut system greatly simplifies the process and makes sense. You have a command of bowling maintenance topics and communicate what could be confusing with easy explanations.

  12. im lost. it says 1500 yet its actually 5000? im new to all this ball maintenance. just got a kit for doing this to see if i can get my game better. anyway like the videos and they are probably gonna help me as my hook is nothing like it use to be

  13. im thinking about doing this to my phaze II to give it more length before it hooks. do I need to keep repeating this process or will these shiny results last?

  14. Just got a tournament kit and the turtle wax polish delivered today. Looks like good products. Looking forward to trying them out.

  15. I got the spinner kit I put it on my drill can I resurface my ball with that trying to get my axiom pearl back to 1500 grit polish finish

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