How to Get Lined Up in ONE Bowling Shot! Understanding the Hidden Oil Patterns Like the Pros.

How to Get Lined Up in ONE Bowling Shot! Understanding the Hidden Oil Patterns Like the Pros.
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• Mike Shady is a silver level certified bowling coach and a coach for Team USA bowling.
• In this learn to bowl video, Coach Shady teaches you how to get lined up on the lane with just one shot.
• Check back weekly for more informative tips to help you bowl better from coach Shady.
• Know it! Learn it! Live it!

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33 Comments on “How to Get Lined Up in ONE Bowling Shot! Understanding the Hidden Oil Patterns Like the Pros.”

  1. And then let your ball be your guide…miss left, move left….miss right, move right (your feet)…about 3-4 boards for every pin width of miss

  2. I did something very similar to this 30 years ago. Normal approach, slow side. Swing across the lane to see when it made the move. Sometimes it went straight to the channel. Even that tells a lot.
    Another great video, Coach Mike!

  3. I did this at the Kegel training center doing the fowl line roll, my ball was in the gutter at 35 feet which was the lesson

  4. thank u. I remember picking that up somewhere and kinda forgot it thru the yrs good job coach

  5. Thanks for the great video, my challenge is the release. No hook, no rev. I follow some of the videos on this subject but don’t seem to connect with them. Any chance you might have one focussed on that?

  6. Hey Coach Shady and Mike… Good tip on your first practice throw on league nights or on a tournament… will use it tonight on week two of summer league. 🙂

  7. So once you determine the break point by rolling slow down the middle and -31, how do you know where to stand afterwards and how do you know which arrow to aim for?

    1. That depends heavily on your style of bowling. Your path to that breakpoint is up to you – this video is helping you learn where that breakpoint is. So if you are a straighter bowler with very little curve, you’ll be standing further right but you’d still be aiming at the same breakpoint as if you were a bowler that stands left and hooks the ball across the whole lane. The breakpoint is the same, but how you attack it is up to you.

  8. Good stuff…Been Doing it since high school…helps vastly!….But, you also need to know that you threw a quality shot after the fact…bad shot= bad read. Aka. “I hit the pocket…why didn’t I strike?…”

    1. Um… I am guessing it’s been a few years since you have been there. They post them after everybody’s done. Like when the tournament is done

    2. @Jay Walsh jojo is right. I work at a bowling center and they post after. Iowa Midwest open. Plaza bowl if you don’t believe me. And I’ve also bowled for 5 years now and it’s been posted after for all 5 years I’ve bowled

  9. Great info. Could be very useful. Question. My center doesn’t have any markings past the arrows, how can I tell if the ball is breaking at 44′ 40′ or 37′

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