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    1. I’ve been saying saying it since the mask thing started last year, Kyle needs a mask that actually fits his face.

  1. Anyone else have a problem with their pro shop over charging? My shop continuously charges $40 over what I can find online.

    1. It depends on what the shop is including in that price. If the ball is $100 online, and the Pro Shop is changing $140, with drilling included, then that’s a good deal. If they charge $140, and then charge you an additional drilling fee on top of that, that’s a bad deal.

      My shop charges about the same as online prices for a ball, and will match an online price if it’s not a sale, but they also charge for drilling… with a slightly higher price if you bring in a new ball from outside. So it works out roughly the same if you buy from the shop, or bring in a ball you bought online.

    2. @DeadPolymers I bought an iq tnp from them because I had a $40 gift card, with drilling it was still 185 bucks after the gift card. Would’ve been 225 without the gift card, could get it online for 140 and drilled for 50.

  2. A new bowler may ask: How do I find my PAP?

    A video about PAP should be done as well to help out new bowlers and how to find their PAP

    1. Your pro shop operator should be able to help you find that… If you want to do it yourself there are some videos on YouTube about how to find it yourself but it will be a little more work

  3. I just picked up a ball…and had a few re drilled! Starting league next week 🙌 😬 super excited and nervous, it’s my second time doing a league and that was years ago now its time to try it again 😅

    1. Yay dakota! Goodluck! What balls did you get?? And which redrilled? Im thinking of picking up a prime crux as its similar to the proton physix!

  4. I just bought my first bowling ball yesterday ! And damn the fit is so different compared to a house ball. Especially the thumb ! The hole is tighter so it is more difficult for me to throw the ball correctly and get a good release as I have to learn how to relax my hand. I am too used to tighten the house ball…

  5. I still have to get a new ball from the ball league I bowled in over the summer. Most people I’ve talked to have told me that a phaze 2 would be the best choice to add to my arsenal. All I have is a hustle 3tp and hyroad pearl. Thoughts?

    1. @bobwan where do you live ? Dry or wet climate ? All 6 of my Storm Balls have cracked in half and one of my roto. Pro shop guy says it happens a lot he won’t sale them. I’m from Colorado it’s dry hear not sure if that makes a difference. Storm actually knows about the problem they answer with a sealed bowling bag when your not bowling.

    2. @Harvey Wallbanger Jesus…ok… First, the grammatical errors really bug me… Second, I don’t see how you have cracked 7 bowling balls and your pro shop isn’t selling storm equipment… They are the biggest bowling ball manufacturer… I’d imagine if their bowling balls kept cracking like that they would be out of business… I’m not sure if you are just full of it or what because I’ve never heard of anyone cracking 7 bowling balls in half, unless you were doing something to them to make it happen… Dry or wet climate has nothing to do with anything as far as bowling balls cracking in half… If there’s any way what you said is true, about cracking 7 bowling balls, then it’s on you or your bowling alley and not on the company that made them

  6. So, I went to my pso over an hour ago, and after some research and recalling what so many people have recommended for me, I went with a phaze 2, but sadly they didn’t have it, so it should be coming in next Thursday or Friday. Looking forward to trying it out when I get it. 🙂

    1. Phaze II is a good one! Definitely one of the best and most iconic balls Storm makes! I think you’ll like it

  7. Consistently seeing videos for people who’ve never bowled. They’re fine I guess, but where’s the videos on more advanced topics?

    Mental game, staying ahead of transition during tournaments, effective hand positions? Just a few suggestions of course, but maybe you could do a slightly more advanced video every once in a while.

    Regardless, keep up the good work!

  8. I wish it was as easy as just walking into your local pro shop as everyone says. I find working with pro shops to be most difficult part of bowling.

    1. That’s crappy man… They’re not all awful… Maybe try going to a diff shop close to you…I understand the sentiment though

  9. Mumble mumble mumble, Can’t understand a damn thing with those muzzles on … ??? did they teach anything or just show the pro shop around???

  10. okay, question.
    I have two balls that I have had fitted and drilled accordingly to my hand, however in my back swing I always feel my thumb slip which causes me to grip the ball and messes with my release. Ive brought this to the attention of two diff pro shops and neither could give me any good tips on what to do or why if it was drilled right why my hand refuses to sit snug as it should….any tips from the two of you on what to check or change?

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