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8 Comments on “How to have fun and improve your bowling skills with Specto Bowling”

  1. Question : why is the RPM calculated so indirectly? I noticed huge deviations in numbers as totally similar players are shown to have very different RPMs, or totally different players seem to have similar RPMs. It really makes Specto look very bad! Can’t the sensor read the ball revolutions in the first half a second and find the exact RPMs the player imparts on the ball? Recently Duke was shown to have as many RPMs as Mallot ! It really looks silly.

    1. Keep in mind that RPM is a calculation not a measurement. The calculation that Specto uses for RPM is sensitive to several factors such as the bowling ball, and the lane pattern. Because of this, the range of numbers that it gives back can vary dramatically. RPM’s should always be verified using other methods such as video analysis when available.

    2. @KegelTrainingCenter I understand it is a calculation, but i did not imagine it is so indirect, and i was just wondering why it cannot measure it directly. Since the sensors track the ball with precision, i assumed they could read actual revolutions of the ball. So from your reply i guess , the sensors cannot do that, correct?

    3. @The Therion We use a 2D sensor not a 3D sensor so it only sees 1 plane of the bowling ball. We are doing some testing with markers and other things on the ball to actually count but do not have that ready yet.

    4. @KegelTrainingCenter ah i see! Thank you for the reply! You are doing a great job, and i wish someone installs specto in my town as well!

  2. I used SPECTO yesterday. It really is something else. What it does is really have you SEE what you’re doing. Both on lane and in the app.

    For me, I would say that I’m not sure exactly where on the arrow it’s reading the board. I’m thinking its the area lined up with the bottom arrow. So, crossing the middle arrow exactly may read 22 instead of 20 (for a lefty).

    I still have to to experiment with that. There’s so much that this technology does so I’m excited to read up on it and try again.

    1. The number for the arrows is at 15′ exactly. Different configurations of lane surface have slightly different layouts. You would likely be +/- 1/2 board though unless you were doing something crazy.

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