25 Comments on “How to Hook a Bowling Ball Every Way Possible!”

  1. Two handed bowling should be banned from any competition style play. It’s easier and takes less skill. Any one handed bowler can easily bowl two handed but two handed bowlers can’t necessarily bowl one handed.

    1. @Chris Webb ask any one handed bowler to try two handed, almost all will be able to. Then ask two handed people to try one handed, most won’t be able to. Or if that’s too much work for you, just watch the Brad and Kyle video that had Packy in it.

    2. Easier to who? I bowl scratch tournaments at the regional level and the winners are not using 2 hands. I also eat 2 hands during qualifying. Most have poor consistency and can’t make spares at a 90%+ level.

    3. @Ryan Bollinger Ball speed goes up? What? I’m 1-handed with 400+ rpms and have 17-18 mph strike ball and 20-21 mph spare ball and I barely try.

    4. @TraumaER because most can’t bowl. Hence the reason they use two hands. And if they are missing spares that much then they should really think about not doing scratch play.

  2. Wow Marshall is soo talented!! Hats off 🎩, as always thank u for the great tips, Inside Bowling 😍

    1. Which is why you have to rely on wider entry angles or using a weaker ball to get to the pocket.

    2. @Luke Lanam hop isn’t mandatory. Belmonte and Daugherty don’t hop. Hopping means your timing is off. It’s that simple.

  3. great video but I’m a lil disappointed. Where is your backup ball Marshall? 😀

  4. Gotta say Marshall throws a good 2 handed shot. Can you do a video about how to throw the ball with more speed 2 handed?

  5. I struggled with keeping my hand underneath the ball. I start in a cupped position but it seems on the downswing I can’t stay cupped. By the time I’m at the release my hand is above the equator of the ball.

  6. That arm movement after releasing the ball I hate watching that it kills me 🤮😂

    1. @Steele Fishing well I do it sometimes. Usually when I do, I strike and post at the line. You should try doing it and see if your average goes up.

    2. @Steele Fishing LOL. You have to try it. It’s more like insurance that says you followed through correctly. Hard to randomly start swinging your arm if you didn’t follow through the first time LOL!

  7. I doubt there is another PBA bowler than can do all 3 methods at that high of a level. Marshall is underrated!

  8. And then there is my unique way, pinky and ring and thumb. I get some very strong motion take a 👀.

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