22 Comments on “How To Hook A Bowling Ball In 2 Minutes”

  1. The best way to learn how to hook a ball is to buy an 8-10lb ball and have it drilled to fit you.. It was the BEST thing I ever did. What it allowed me to do was learn muscle memory in releasing the ball properly without straining with the extra weight. Once you become comfortable with the proper release, you can go up in weight. But the light ball gave me the confidence to throw hook. Trying to hook a heavier ball can be intimidating and scary for some people.

    1. I think this is a good method as well. However my lighter ball of 10lbs didn’t have a core in it so it wouldn’t hook very much.

    2. @Michael Lombard Its more to learn the release and axis rotation. Not to actually strike with lol. I only used the 10lb ball to learn release techniques as its easier on the wrist and gives more confidence to throw different ways with less weight.

  2. Great video. Alot of videos about hooking are to increase revs or different hand positions nothing about the very beginner level.

  3. Need to add about the bent elbow in order to have the hand more under the ball…till the muscle is more trained to hold that weight

  4. I just recently figured out how to use elbow bend to get under the ball in order to hit it more without topping it. The elbow is a game changer.

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