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  1. My summer league this year my first game average was around 250 for half the season and then seemingly experienced carry problems the rest of the night, so that scenario being mentioned early in the video resonated with me quite fiercely 🤣

    1. I’ve been leaving a lot of 10 pins lately, but last night I only missed one out of 6. I used the 3rd arrow to go across lane, and in the past I was using 2nd arrow but I had trouble getting my ball to go straight and the ball would either miss left or go in the gutter. Been trying to get out of a slump I’ve been in since the end of summer league.

  2. I was just telling a teammate this last night. To keep the wrist in a strong position and turn his fingers to get rotation instead of swinging his arm around the ball. His revs were higher, tilt came up a bit and was driving way harder through the pins

  3. Very informative! Can you do a video on how to be able to cup the ball even on the back swing? Like how does Kyle get his wrist that strong to do that?

    1. I think a lot of guys keep their right should back, which allows them to work their hand under the ball as it starts the downswing. The idea is to make your hand “fall faster” than the ball, so that at the bottom your hand has moved lower relative to the ball, rather than staying in the same place as the top of the backswing.

  4. As someone not quite good enough to change hand positions with consistency yet. What are the best house shot lane adjustments to make without changing hand positions in game 3 when the track is all burned up?

  5. So I’ve got a question, we’ve already bowled 3 weeks of one league and I’ve been doing terrible but we started the other league last Monday, the first week of Monday we was bowling on a 40 or 41 ft house shot and my feet are on board 20 and can throw over the 10 to 12 board to keep it in the pocket for a lefty, last night they put down a 38 ft house shot, I had no idea how to play it and I bowled a 133 the first game my 2nd and 3rd game was a 175 and a 208 but what I had to do was stand as close as I could to the ball return on the odd lane and almost not even on much own lane on the even lane, my feet were on like board 36 rereleasing the ball at the middle arrow. My question is does 3 ft or 2 ft less oil make that much of a difference when you guys play the lanes? For me I like to play the lane straight just like Norm Duke

  6. I ran into this problem last night in league. I was doing phenomenal in the first game and then second and third game not so phenomenal. Just had to adjust my hand position and I was able to start stringing strikes together

  7. Definitely one of your best explanations of hand positioning and how to create or decrease revolutions on the ball depending on the reaction and pin carry you are getting. Thank you Brad and Kyle

  8. Serious comment, I like how a lot of these bowling youtubers are starting to make more content about coming up the back of the ball. JR Raymond has been making similar content and it is really helpful.

  9. I started getting away from loading up.. I use to point my index finger straight down the lane.. but have gradually gotten away for that and have wondered why I was loosing some of the speed and the constant leaving of the 10’s.. I am going to make myself pay more attention to that!! Love your videos guys!! Thanks!!

  10. I’ve been struggling with this. Haven’t bowled in many years and kinda forgot how to properly load the wrist which leads to release issues. Great timing on this video.. for me

  11. Nice video guys thank you for showing this to us but you talked about how we can score better on a house shot so how about if you take an amateur bowler maybe a 185 average bowler to 190 and show him what you’re telling us and see how he does so we can really see if it works because you guys are pros and you’re gonna hit the shot no matter what.

  12. Great things to keep in mind I’ve been struggling with transition in game 3 I’ll start incorporating this into my game.

  13. I’m working on a stronger asym. What do you recommend when that stops doing its thing? I’ve heard phase 2, nova, maybe a zen?

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