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  1. I just wanted to say thank you both for your wonderful tips and tricks they have helped me get my avarage from 150 to 196 thanks again you keep up the great work and wonderful content

  2. I’ve been trying to teach someone this lately, I’m just gonna send her this video instead😂

  3. I know i definitely bowl better when i “get loaded”

    hahaha, kidding, great tip and video

  4. One of my favorite channels….I’ve been trying to mimic this for a few weeks now, but I keep doing something with my wrist that causes pain

    1. I had that issue too, I was causing too much torque with too much elbow bend. I broke down my form and practiced being more fluid with it. It takes lots of practice to find a spot that you like and where to bend your elbow and unload your wrist at but you’ll find it eventually. Trial and error my friend

  5. I would love to see a video of hand position comparison from a average bowler to the pro hand position/release

  6. Thanks for this video, i’m going to practise this elbow bend technique, i crank the ball with the wrist only, and found it helps expand my options, i’m now curious as to whether i will now be able to achieve a 500 rev rate, i have approx 400/420 rev rate currently

  7. I find myself what I would call ‘overloading’ quite often. Where it decreases my ball speed a ton because I bend my elbow too much. It’s normally when I’m far left throwing at the right gutter or over the left gutter where I probably don’t belong. Any tips to fix that other than no step and 1 step drills?

  8. Maybe, for the next video, talk about the best bowling balls for league bowlers. Bowling straight from the 5-10th arrow.

  9. This is something I’ve been trying to learn for at least a year. It’s the one piece of my game keeping me from reaching the next level. I have the accuracy of a 220 average bowler and the rev rate of a 6 year old.

    1. Doesn’t matter if you have a low rev rate if your as accurate as a 220 bowler than you’ll average like a 220 bowler. If your as accurate as you say just get used to your lines then you’ll be good. Having a good release doesn’t make you more accurate or make it easier.

  10. Thanks for the informative video.
    What I do notice in the bowling circuit is that those who throw in this way are more prone to injury because I think it somehow asks more of your muscle groups.
    Could you devote a lesson to what (strength) exercises are best suited to this way of throwing, with the aim of reducing the risk of injuries.
    Thank you in advance and I wish you both good luck in the professional circuit.

  11. This is magical. Ive been +100 over after 3 games and had no shot on the dry, and always take myself out of the tournament.

  12. Love that you guys are incorporating more clips of the techniques you are describing. I would like to see more of that with different angles and slower speed.

  13. This is actually something I’ve done for years, except I have a tendency to not come out fast and clean as Kyle said, sometimes I hold it a little to long, and its usually bad results say big 4 Bad. My inconsistent release is my downfall.

  14. LOL
    Brad and Kyle say that the secret to hooking the ball is to be loaded.
    no wonder so many alleys sell alcohol…

    all kidding aside, I am super excited to try this out!
    I’ve been struggling to relearn bowling after a 15 year break, and I’m coming to learn that I was never doing it correctly!

  15. This makes so much sense. When I try to stay under the ball at the bottom of my swing right before release, it feels like a MASSIVE amount of pressure. I’ll have to get some video and see if my elbow is too straight.

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