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34 Comments on “How To Hook a Bowling Ball w/ Better Release”

  1. Good to see I’m not the only coach who throws it right in the gutter when demonstrating a drill.

  2. You should make a video on tips for keeping the wrist in a strong position to stay under the ball more

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  3. thanks, brad & kyle, I do struggle also on the release. I keep learning, I’ve got a question, can i used my plastic ball for the drill?

    1. should not matter what ball you use since you are just focused on getting your hand on the inside of that ball my friend don’t worry about what the end result is at the pins

  4. As a girl’s high school coach, I’m rarely able to find videos that I can use. Not having the speed/power or revs, it’s difficult to translate a Pro tip video for the girls. This one is different because you guys made it so simplistic. I can explain that stuff all day and it goes over their heads…they need a visual. Not only did you guys give me that for them with this, but now they can’t just blame me for these drills lol They like to think the “one step” is something I invented just to be mean…thanks for bailing me out! 😉😂

    Please keep in mind how many young girls you have the potential to help with your videos. If you can ever get one of the ladies to join in an instructional video, many of us female bowlers/coaches would appreciate it!

    Keep up the great work, Brad & Kyle!🤩

    1. Yes agree with you I am a girl high school bowler and it’s so hard to find videos that help me bc I don’t have the power like them

  5. Thank you this is what I needed now I need to time to actually practice before league again

  6. I’ve been in a slump for the past 2 months. I’m going to have to try to practice those drills.

  7. Thanks for this video. This is exactly what I am working on and this is the best example I have seen to show hand position at release. Thanks again!

  8. Great video. How do you change to a new release for a particular condition when your muscle memory is used to executing a different release?

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