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  1. Getting more up the back of the ball was something I wanted to work on during 2020. I didn’t get the chance because, well, you know.

  2. I really enjoy watching your videos!! I’m learning quite a lot from them!! Keep up the great work!!😁😁

  3. I still been bowling with my style longer than you 2 been alive,over 40 years,and it isnt how everyone else plays,and my ball slides down the lane then hooks,whether dry lane or oily ,does the same,I use the last 2 fingers and my thumb on right hand ,and its wicked to see it go.

  4. I use the up the back approach when I’m throwing cross lane to pick up spares. The ball goes straight with just a little hook at the end. I account for the hook when looking at the release point. This has really improved my spare game.

  5. There’s a LOT of work to be done in the bowling sphere with terminology pertaining to releases. I was told so many times that you want to ‘go through the ball’ and ‘getting around it is bad’. And yet I see the pros completely getting around the ball. And then I come to find out, when I’m on house shot I do indeed want to get around the ball. The issue isn’t what you do with your hand necessarily, it’s what you do with your arm and the position of your elbow. Which I believe you guys did cover in a previous video. The lack of people’s ability to properly communicate what they mean led me, personally, to a lot of confusion and frustration for a while before I started to truly understand the proper mechanics of a good release.

    1. I think β€œgetting around the ball” means you started to rotate before your arm was pointing straight down. I noticed he didn’t begin rotating until his arm was already on the upswing.

  6. Very helpful, guys. You explain how to hook a bowling ball in a way that is so easy to understand. Gonna work on these different releases next time I practice.

  7. Great topic. This is the most important aspect of bowling and hitting the pocket properly. No ball looks good if your rotation isn’t proper to the angle of attack you are playing, lane condition, your speed, etc.

  8. Can you guys address wrist strength and position in super slow motion with lots of detail?? Should I attempt to “forearm curl” my ball to stay under it? If I can’t is my wrist too weak?

  9. I needed this, being able to change my release is something I’m still working on as a beginner bowler who is just now taking up the sport in his 20s. Gonna be taking this to my next practice and league games and working on it

  10. You can spend hours and hours trying to do something when practicing, but sometimes all you need is “palm up” and “palm left (or right)”, and it clicks. Thanks d00dz! Can’t wait to try this stuff out!

  11. I always concentrate on my thumb at the release. My thumb at three o’clock early roll up the back. Thumb at one o’clock later hook. Thumb at twelve to eleven o’clock later hook.

  12. Hello Brad and Kyle, I watched this video this afternoon and then went bowling and tried the releases , I would like to thank you for this info as it worked out great , I thew much better and more strikes, It will all improve once I practice more with this release. Thanks again for the tips and keep on doing what you do.

  13. Hey guys!!
    I’ve noticed that you change the thumb hole on your balls, is this something that makes it easier to bowl with different balls?

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