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47 Comments on “How to HOOK / CURVE a bowling ball for beginners | Even if you don’t have your own ball”

    1. I’m a newbee, and have watch numerous videos on this subject. This one is very easy to understand. I think I can do this!

  1. Thanks for this tip, I wish I had seen this yesterday, I went bowling today and could’ve practiced this but will next week. 😀👍🏾

  2. For all you saying that “finally, the best video!” He has his own channel. Check it out. His tutorials helped me a lot. I copied his standing release plus the curve, and it worked for me.

    1. I would. I actually have watched many like this one. Usually it’s Saturday when I watch them but this time it was Sunday

  3. I’m a bowler so I’m used to seeing bowling videos in my recommended but apparently everyone got recommended this out of the blue and it’s funny

  4. I grew up in a bowling alley while my parents bowled in a league every Wednesday , Amazing sport and a nice place to have a good time and eat and drink .

  5. I’ve wanted to know how for all my life. When I get my Zimmer frame modified I’m going to try it. THANKS!

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