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29 Comments on “How to Improve The Performance of Your Bowling Ball |The Clear”

    1. @Andrew Welsh I want that ball so bad but I’m gonna stick with the two balls my friend gave me till I get better. He gave me a hyroad an a soniq pearl. I was using a tropical serge ball. When I used his Astrophysix and phase 3 I shot my best scores and its my first year bowling 199 176 and with the hyroad I had a 192.

    2. @Isaac Workman that’s awesome, man! keep on bowling and you’ll get even better. I shot my best games of the year last week. Got on a hot streak and threw a 156, a 208, a 264, then a 243. Lotta luck involved I’m sure.

    3. Andrew Welsh I would have had a 202 with the hyroad if I got 3 strikes on the last frame. With my friends astrophysics ball that I got 199 with If I put it down and used my surge ball I probably would have picked up that 10 pin for my first 200 also. 🤣

  1. Best way to return a ball ball back to a out of the box finish of 2000-grit pad. This was the out out of the box finish on my Dare Devil Trick.

  2. Would it work better if it was hot ? So it opens up the ball more gets the oil out more and sucks more of the clear up ? Also how much is a gallon ?

  3. I have a question though! Not sure if you’ll answer it here but what kind of sherpa material are you using for your Sherpa/brown pads? I absolutely love it and I make personalized embroidered Shammy’s for people and someone asked me to make one with the same sherpa material you use and then leather on the back side. I can’t seem to find information on it. *shrug*

    1. T4eTurtleC1ub I’m starting to believe these products only will work for pros It’s not gonna help me get spares or stay out of the gutter.

  4. That is pretty cool. i would be a more of a believer if the video show the same mark and line being used, before and after the clear was used, looks like 4 to 5 broads and that is alot. keep up the good work thanks

    1. @Aaron Lepik well unless they designed bowling balls. I wouldn’t read too much into it. If it makes you feel better you can, but it’s not going to hurt the ball if you don’t.

  5. So i have a tournament tomorrow to try to get into Jr gold and the pattern is a 2016 jr gold pattern and i was wondering should i start with purple urethane or reactive

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