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30 Comments on “How to Improve Your Bowling Release & Ball Speed with One Move”

    1. My first day at Bowling today at Selma, California since Covid in March. . I had trouble with my ball speed at the tourney. Thanks for the technique!

    2. @Federico Agcaoili Good for you! Glad you are able to bowl. Southern California we are still not open at least lanes I bowl at.

  1. I have tried a bit of upper body rotation but every now and then i would throw the ball out to the right by 5 plus boards. I guess it was because I wasn’t square to the line at release or released early. How can i fix this problem

    1. Just make sure the non bowling is transitioning (closing) behind you quietly. This will close the upper body. Thanks for watching

  2. This is something I’ve been intrigued to try. I love starting in the one-step before full approach. NOT something I’ll try during league (now that we’re back), only in practice until I get it figured out. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your videos. It would have been nice to see a ‘before and after’ shots side by side to compare and see the difference more clearly.

  4. You guys are great but it’s about time to include both 1 and 2 handed deliveries when it comes to tips like this. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Yes, 2 handers do the same thing with their non bowling hand on the ball throughout the approach. Thanks for watching

    1. As a former planter, learn to slide. Even if just a little. I’ve been WAY more consistent and have notice my knees feel better as well

    2. As a former.slider, learning to.plant in barefoot shoes has saved my knees a ton, I never have to worry about an approach being tacky or slick, and my balance is better. To each their own.

  5. I have recently returned to the game after many years away. I am having difficulty keeping my elbow in close and as a result I often turn the ball early and tend to pill the ball. How can I address this?

  6. I’m only about a year into bowling after taking a couple of decades off to raise a family. I tried this technique last week during league and it made a really big difference in my game! Thank you very much for the free coaching!

  7. Sorry to hear that bowling still isn’t allowed in Cali, we’ve been bowling in Texas since early June.

  8. My coach has been having me do the arm thing and it helps a lot because I pull the ball a lot and it helps me roll my Axiom because it hooks so much.

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