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  1. This is a great drill because you can do it at home. You don’t necessarily have to be at the bowling alley.

  2. Funny enough, my dad told me last week during our practice session about a video where JR Raymond talked about release and was showing a similar drill, and my dad had me try that a few times, but I love how you guys demonstrate it and you do a great job of simplifying how to improve various aspects of the physical game. My release has been so inconsistent, and I’ll be working on this drill for many future practice sessions. Thanks so much for what you guys do. Much appreciated. <3

  3. For the bowler using no thumb, I do the same, but with the light ball. Works good.
    For two handlers it will be useful as well

  4. Something that’s super important about release, timing, rev rate, is YOUR FIT. you just cannot bowl with a bad fit. Take a real good amount of time getting that right for you.

    1. True. But, anyone who is watching this kind of video probably already has an arsenal of balls that are custom drilled to his had at a qualified pro shop, and owns a gazillion pieces of tapes of various texture and thickness that he puts into hisr thumb holes for that perfect fit. Most of us have the equipment. It’s the skill and technique that is usually lacking.

    2. @Ironfangzu realistically you don’t know until you are already working on the technique because your natural flexibility, thumb webbing, fingertip joint flexibility, all play a huge part into how the ball comes off your hand. You might develop a pain or feeling nerve pinching without adjusting your fit while you’re learning. I’m just saying to not ignore signs of pain and anything affecting your muscles or tendons. It should feel smooth and not muscled like the video stated

  5. I wasn’t interested in paying over 200 bucks for one of those rev trainers, so I bought parts and made one myself. Works pretty good and does a similar thing as this drill. Especially if you don’t have access to a bowling center often enough.

  6. I have been doing this drill at home same concept and idea but I actually release the ball into my recliner chair. I have a low Rev rate and play pretty straight but still ave 220 consistently. My goal is not only get more revs but to get of rid a brace I use. I’m going to work very hard this summer to accomplish this goal and see what happens

    1. @A comment from YouTube  nothing wrong with that. The centers in my town close for the summer so can’t get in there till August.

    2. Hey I’m strongly considering this, what’s the set up? Can I do it on a carpet/rug? Or do I need to lay pillows down?

  7. I watch these videos for giggles mostly. Ive spent the last year learning how to throw with less revs, but to retain the ability to bring them back if ever needed. I could never get my ball speed up with faster feet, but did always get more revs, which slowed the ball down quicker, compounding the problems. Lol

    But i am thoroughly impressed with how low Brad’s hand got on the ball at release. Ive been watching this channel since i got back into bowling a few years ago and never have i seen Brad’s hand that low or that firm and up the back.

    I do this excercise at home on carpet. Just set up some pillows in front of the couch to throw into. It allows the training of muscle memory and to build the strength necessary to keep the wrist from folding and to eliminate the feeling that its necessary to lift up or hit the bottom hard. It also allows a bowler to see how the ball turns itself off the hand all by itself, and how pitches affect this.

    One should not over train though, as you will get so good that you will be ripping the flesh from your fingers and will require taping no matter what, even with perfect fit.

  8. what would oyu say about keeping your pointer finger aiming as straight as u can to the floor? would that be good for generating revs?

  9. Awesome drill. Probably one of the best I have seen ! Thanks so much. I will def do this at home too.

  10. I’m going to be working on my release wi it h this and a few other drills. Just dropping down a pound to 14#, so LOTS OF CHANGES AT THE SAME TIME! How do you guys come through the ball without grabbing, though? That’s a major issue with me.

  11. If you’re not comfortable kneeling, I’ve found that doing this drill over the ball return works, too. You can even incorporate a small swing into it.

  12. I think my release is better when my thumb starts swelling because I focus so heavily on clearing my thumb. 😂

  13. Kyle showed me this drill at the clinic last weekend! Completely changed my game–thanks for sharing it here too! 😄

  14. Ill be doing this at home. Money is tight so cant practice as much as I use to when i worked for a bowling alley and it was free. Def doing this one everyday though

  15. Need to see Sherm’s release in slow mo from this drill added into this vid, or a part 2. Also, what can we do at home to sim this? Large Cutting board is the first thing that comes to my mine. Thanks

  16. With this drill, you are bringing your hand up the back, which wont produce revs. I’ve always been confused how to transition this drill into brings my hand up the side of the ball to create the revs. A video on that would be awesome.

    1. Bringing your hand up the back of the ball won’t produce revs? Have you ever seen EJ tackett? His hand stays behind the ball.

  17. Thanks for the awesome and informative video as always. How would I go about working on this practice drill as a 2H bowler?

  18. After the year you guys had on tour, you really need to ask yourselves what you want and if YouTube has contributed to the result. Constantly worrying about filming and all the stuff that’s related definitely impacts focus during a tournament just by being a distraction. Even Belmo had a somewhat off year now that he focused more on his YouTube. Whether that’s causation or correlation I’m not sure.

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