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Having issues increasing your bowling ball speed? Here are a few tips on how to efficiently increase ball speed.

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24 Comments on “How to Increase Bowling Ball Speed”

  1. Iโ€™ve really enjoyed watching your โ€œvlogโ€ approach to learning.. I really like the content in this one but it left me wanting more. I would have liked to see a couple more shots.. maybe the before โ€œnormalโ€ way verse the new way.. or Kyle throwing the ball as well. No hate here ๐Ÿ’™ you guys!

    1. I agree the normal speed approach would have been nice to see, along with some indication of what the speed is. Then the faster approach along with speed to directly compare the two.
      Not a complaint here, just some helpful feedback.

  2. Another great video guys people just got to remember you got to practice practice practice perfect your imperfections

  3. Good video guys! If one suggestion keep a camera further back so you can have Brad’s shot in a single shot, rather than have a cut. Besides that great stuff!!

  4. when pro bowlers use loft (in front of a ball return) how do they generate more speed when they only have 2 or 3 steeps to throw the ball?

  5. So i stand with my heels off the end of the approach. I often find myself needing to throw the ball faster to compensate for my rev rate. How would i go about doing this without starting off the back of the approach?

  6. Not only do you have to speed up the feet when moving back, but you have to lengthen the stride to compensate for moving back. You also have to speed up the armswing to catch up with the feet.

  7. Keep up with the good work guys. I really like the demo. It’s not like many teaching videos just doing a lot of talking but no action. I would like to see some clips on finger spans and pitches. Thanks for sharing your bowling knowledge.

  8. What would be really helpful is to show us Brad’s “regular” approach and ball speed first. There is no comparison for us. Thank you for your videos, guys.

  9. Brad and Kyle, these tips are very helpful. At the moment, my ball speed is at 11-13 mph. I have been working very hard on increasing my speed. I am hoping to get it up to 14-17 mph. Other than increasing the speed of your feet, are there other useful strategies for increasing ball speed?

  10. Do u guys have a video on why the fingers hurt when bowling? Or how to avoid injuries? Would be really helpful. Thanks.

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