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24 Comments on “How to increase your bowling rev rate | How to curve a bowling ball more”

  1. Perfect timing, I’m on my way to the bowling center to do some release drills. Nice slow mo, nice explanation. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jr Raymond, great vid btw. Could you also do a video of how to clear the thumb out fast? I cant seems to understand that! Thanks

    1. Him telling you his thumb pitches won’t specifically help you. It’s smarter to let a pro shop owner let you know which thumb pitches would be beneficial to you.

  3. When people say rotate the ball ..I think people interpret rotating the wrist but in reality or actually thumb coming out and flipping the ball with your fingers Yo-yo affect which creates rotation.Great videos.

  4. nice way to explain it in simple terms. it’s definitely not easy ,it also helps to press your thumbnail against the side of the hole so you don’t grab the ball. thumb has no choice but to come out first.

  5. I’m just starting to incorporate the elbow bend into my release, I need to get more accurate and comfortable with it but adding the elbow bend creates so much more power!!

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