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Increasing one's rev rate in bowling is a goal everyone tries to achieve. However, this goal is often the hardest to change if the core foundations are not developed at an early age. In this video, we discuss some key positions that a bowler much achieve in order to optimize leverage thus creating revolutions.

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27 Comments on “How To Increase Your Rev Rate (FOR MORE POWER!)”

  1. I’m so excited to watch this when I get out of school, just got the notif and I’ve been needing a video on this since I’ve took a break from bowling for track season. It’s abt time for me to Get my bowling game back on track, I’ve always struggled with my rev rate. Thanks guys!!!

  2. Hey guys great work at the playoffs, watching you two bowl is always a blast. I don’t really have any questions I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work and content. Good luck in the PBA league, go get that Elias Cup.

  3. Finally a tutorial again, thank you. Helps a lot! Any Chance you can put out something about ball motion and how to react by diffrent lane/pattern conditions?
    Much appreciated! Please keep up the good work!!!

  4. This is nice because my main ball is The Idol, proud Rotogrip user, I use The Winner and Idol for my set up.

  5. Thanks so much, have been wanting to increase my revs for a while and I hope this video helps, which it most definitely will!😁

  6. Bowling IQ. Love that place.thats where I get my bowling balls drilled. Love your videos. I’m new to bowling this year after over a decade off and can’t get enough of it..

  7. Hey guys! Love the show and you guys always give great information. I wanted to ask when do you start to bend the elbow? Is it when your swing starts to come down or some other time in the down swing?

  8. Thank you for the awesome tips! Just watched this video before bowling this morning. I had to move 4 boards left to compensate for the increased rev rate! Much appreciated!

  9. How to increase your rev rate (secret tip!):
    Ok so what you’re gonna wanna do is put both of your hands on the ball

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