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  1. The Jost Blue wave technology is thier innovation not an innovation of CTD. Is this legal to rebrand a foreign companies products like this. Giving it away for free with a more expensive cleaning product is smart. But can you just do that or do you have a contract with JOST to be able to do this?

    1. Companies often will license a product under another brand/name and sell it to/for a company. This is often called a product with a “white label.” Most generic products in the grocery store are made by your larger companies but they rebrand it to the “generic” brand and sell it to the stores as another option.

    2. Lol, the technology used in bowling is ours. Which is why you don’t see it elsewhere. We also have green scuff mark removers. Jost is a partner of ours. They help us develop products for bowling. TruCut is proprietary and exclusive to CtD. They are not just rebranded pads. The cleaning product costs a lot more to manufacture. So it costs more to sell. Unfortunately that’s how things work.

  2. Thank you Ron for taking your time this video and explaining everything. I am a skeptic but this product has proven that it works when I tried it myself.

  3. I know this isn’t a video about your sanding pads but I had to talk about them. I used to think they were the same as an abralon and how could one be different from the other. Well I was wrong I watched rons videos and would think they were biased because it was his own product. I got some true cut pads and wow is all I can say. They leave a better finish on a bowling ball then any pad I have used before (abralon and sierra) and they last longer and surface stays on the ball a lot longer. Ron knows what he is doing and I will 100 percent only use tru cut pads from here on out they are unbelievable.

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