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40 Comments on “How to Know When to Change The Surface of a Bowling Ball”

  1. Is it best to use just the sanding pad or should you use a little water in a spray bottle to sand your bowling ball

  2. That scanner is way cool! nice demonstration as well. I’ll be buying some of those pads and purple stuff for sure!

  3. Great video to the point information and I now know how to use the pads cause other videos are around 10mins long to show me some that take just a few minutes looking forward to seeing more videos from you

    1. The same thing works for pearl coverstocks as well. Solid Pearl and Hybrid are marketing terms and do not reflect performance or surface recommendation. There are sanded pearl balls like match Up Pearl and vise versa. You can sand or polish any Bowling Ball in order to change it’s performance.

  4. I have a question, after you sand the bowling ball..the effect of the grip will last forever or do you need to keep on doing what you did in the video?

  5. What was the purple stuff? Obviously a ball cleaner, but what’s the product called?

  6. This is exactly what has happened to my bowling ball. It used to hook but now it’s going to long. I’m going to give this a shot!

    1. Also try and find a pro shop with a bowling ball bake machine or buy your own. You’d be surprised how much oil has built up inside

    2. But early hook doesn’t mean more hook. Its actually the opposite since the ball is losing its energy earlier. When a ball is shiny and clean it will skid further down lane and then all the energy will release at once. Scuffing the ball will make it break earlier and making some of the kinetic energy be lost earlier. I’d scuff a ball up for later use so it slows down the balls reaction and makes it smoother down lane. This is true on most modern surfaces. Wood may be the only exception where a dull ball becomes far superior to a shiny ball when it comes to angles. I used to only use dull balls when everything was wood but once most lanes became synthetic I noticed less reaction from something like 500 and more from something shiny.

  7. I used a 180 on one of mine, but how much pressure should I apply to change the grit? And how long does it usually stay in that form for?

    1. Update: ok so I used the 180 on my Crux prime…and ohhh my god. Haha. Can’t really grip the ball to be honest, it was so dull and smooth but it was a monster.

      I did notice a difference of it transitioning on me until maybe.. after playing 7 games, all on fresh oil to get a more accurate read. Felt like the 180grit was wearing out. But idk for sure how that works

  8. Hey, so the Radical rep was at our house, and he was talking up your stuff. We are getting your products! Cant wait.

    1. There are lots of ways to line up. Moving is fairly common knowledge. Surface adjustments are not. We wanted to highlight surface adjustments in this video.

  9. I’m going to buy Surface For my bowling ball Monday my intense fire is not hooking its hiting the first third pin So I try 1000 for my intense fire bowling ball and it works perfectly on a house should I will try surface this Monday I’ll buy pads at my pro shop

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