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25 Comments on “How to Layout and Drill a Bowling Ball – Pro Shop”

    1. Because he is reviewing balls. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to add a slug to a ball you may throw 20 shots with.

  1. Ronald that’s why I fucks with you man. Beautiful video. I have been trying to get the pro shop and others to teach me hoe to layout and drill. Just a bunch of games. You came through for me.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr thank you now i will bw waiting with curiosity. i would espacially it if you explain the subjectof ofset in detail.

    1. Why do you think they would be mixed up? The ring finger is longer than the middle finger like it is in most cases.

    2. @ThreeTwo Victor Actually you are correct. What I said, and what I’m doing are two different things. I mark the middle at 4 and say the ring finger. So it’s actually done right, but is said incorrectly around 4:20. Good looking out.

  2. How did you confirm the vertical axis line? seems like that line could alter due to the angle your holding the measuring device.

    1. We line up the pro sect parallel to find the angle. Then make sure it intersects the pin distance line so that it should not vary.

  3. Ronald,
    Thanks for another great and informative video: Would it be possible for you to do a video on layouts for no thumb bowlers? The only info on youtube about this comes from Mo, and I would be interested to see if you have the same thoughts and perspectives
    Thanks again

  4. Pretty great video on drilling.. Might not be of interest to everyone, but I know I would like to see a fitting from start to finish, with explanation of the lateral and linear pitches that are chosen for the fingers and thumb.

  5. Drilling thumb: The line drawn from the center of the thumb to the center of the bridge do you just line that up to the center column of the drill press by eye balling it?

  6. You said his ring finger was 4 inches and you drew that line to the middle finger and the 4 1/16 towards the ring finger when it was supposed to go towards the middle

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