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32 Comments on “How To Loft a Bowling Ball”

  1. Congratulations, Kyle, on making the Men’s Team USA squad. You should be very proud, represent our great country well. I’m sure you will.

    1. Kyle’s gone a long way in a short amount of time. Not much to say about Brad.

      I kid I kid. Both are great bowlers. These men are on a mission!

    2. @Monkeycircus I totally agree. There’s one video when ask what to focus on his response was “posting my shots”. Afterwards I think he threw like 3 300s in a row (something like that) and made a lot of finals appearances. I’m so proud of these guys. Seriously, they are becoming the face of the league. And I’m all for it! Love this duo!

    1. Yeah, he had a thumb sock/ tape on his thumb. I was afraid on the second shot that his ball would stick to his thumb. Thank goodness it didn’t.

  2. Another advantage to working on your lofting skills, it’ll help with the dwarf-tossing so you can really be a hero at the local pub!
    “where’d you learn to toss a dwarf like that?!”
    “Brad and Kyle”

  3. ‘Spray and Pray’

    God, I love that shirt. May have to grab one soon!

    Also, I never thought about lifting out onto the lane. I will practice that the next time I hit the lanes.

  4. Man I have a Buddy of mines loft’s the ball all the time I never could figure how he was doing it. Feels weird when I tried doing it. But listening to this video makes a lot of since

  5. Whether or not your videos directly generate revenue, you are absolutely improving people’s knowledge of and therefore interest in bowling. Two thumbs up!

    1. @Dapold Yeah. Seems like it.
      YouTube link = fEKDsRm-Crs.
      This ones just a video I saw on YouTube for a crazy lift up lofting method (the less used one). I guess extreme lofts like these are viable too sometimes.

  6. Love the channel. Don’t know how it popped up but ever since I started watching, i been bowling 3 times in a month, which is crazy because I haven’t been in a few years. And you guys show a pro players life. Keep it up.

    1. You literally don’t change anything with your technique you just get underneath it and lift it out of your hand a bit more

  7. When lofting, I would try to think of the ball as an airplane landing. Out onto the lane lands safely…up and down leaves your luggage all over the runway. Great vid guys. As a small stature guy (5’1″) lofting comes into play a lot for me and a great tool to utilize (and yes those U.S. Opens were brutal in the early 90’s lol)

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