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  1. Thank you so much! You are awesome. Little tips like this make a huge difference. Your smile lights up an entire bowling alley!!

  2. I truly admire your bowling theory and all your passion Thank you always for good videos. I hope you always stay healthy~~

  3. When I bowled on my dad’s team, if he got a strike in warm ups, I would jokingly say, β€œOkay, you’re ready. Sit down.”
    I still find it funny to see league bowlers throw strike after strike in practice and then lose it part way into the first game. Then they spend the rest of the night chasing the transition.

    1. And it’s the best thing ever but the volume now it doesn’t happen until the 3rd game in league. Soooo. Thanks USBC

  4. I’ve started last year to do all my warm up shots on the same lines the other team is practicing on, then when its game time I already know where I need the ball to be and its not burnt up by the 6th frame…

  5. I’ve bowled with PBA bowlers and some just shoot corner pins the entire practice before smaller tournaments. I thought it was nuts. Then I saw them score 230s and 240s while everyone else struggled to break 200 LOL!

  6. I fully understand about creating miss room right on flatter patterns but with the new, no oil, house shots, how does this help?

  7. In a league with 5-person teams I might only get 4 turns in the 10 minute warmup period. I could see moving to the right for the first one or two but after that it’s time to get lined up.

  8. I get what you are doing. Is there ever a time in practice to where you throw plastic down the middle during practice to try to build up hold?

  9. Great tip! At 60, my warm up is warming me up. So I’m missing some speed and revs, that keep Increasing into the 1st game. My break point gets deeper.

  10. I think this tip is absolutely spot on for bowling on flat patterns, but I’m going to disagree for any leagues where the patterns have high ratios (i.e. 10:1 ish). This is because there’s already a ton of mistake area built in the pattern – both to the right and left – so it’s unnecessary to do this during practice and could actually lead to creating too much friction to the right resulting in the ball going high when you miss right β€” the dreaded cliff/overwalled house shots.

    Again though, for sport patterns absolutely because you will give yourself some miss room to the right in comparison to if you were to have tried to strike the whole time.

  11. On house shots, where there’s pretty much no oil from gutter to 10L and gutter to 10R, how would moving further outside help during practice? Are you looking to create this hold area further down lane, on a house shot, at the end, or past the end of the pattern?

  12. Wow, to me that seems like a great tip. I’ll definitely try that strategy. Thanks. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  13. This never occurred to me, yet it seems so obvious! Thanks! This will definitely help if – WHEN – I miss my mark to the right.

  14. When you are starting a few boards to the right of where you are going to play, is your target also a few boards to the right? I just want to make sure I’m understanding lol

  15. My first 2 or 3 throws are just to get my arm loose. A lot of times I end up putting the first one in the gutter because my shoulder is always stiff. In the more competitive league I am in I am lucky to get 4 shots in practice so I don’t really have the time to do this method.

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