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20 Comments on “How To PROPERLY Clean A Bowling Ball | New Rules”

  1. Hey Ronald, I appreciate your videos. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the new ball cleaning rule change? I have a feeling that its going to go back to like it was a year ago. I used my Black widow Pink at league last night and after every 3-4 frames, I had to get permission to clean my ball of because of scuff marks and etc. I noticed that Pearl coverstocks tend to get dirty a lot sooner than my other coverstocks. I just have a feeling that league officials are going to realize that the new rule is slowing the game down….Your thoughts???

    1. If people are constantly getting permission from league officers to use a liquid cleaner on their ball during league to the extent it delays play, then those bowlers are the problem not the new rule. The only reason anyone should need to use a liquid cleaner during league play is if the ball return leaves black grease all over the ball. Otherwise, there should be no reason to have to use a cleaner during bowling. The effect that the waxy residue has on ball reaction is being way overstated. People invoke the “foreign substance” rule which is really silly. Wipe with a dry towel or leather pad and move on.

    2. @RysterARCEE i don’t think you’re understanding where im coming from. I just started using a pearl coverstock ball and realized that for some reason it gets scuffed up easily and has debris on it that a DRY TOWEL will not remove by itself. Do you honestly think i want to constantly take my ball to an offical to get permission to clean it? I’m actually thinking about going back to my old ball because of this. So like i said before, I can see this starting to become an issue because play is constantly being stopped…Also please check Ronald’s other video about when you should contact an official to get permission to clean your ball. It was foreign debris not just black greasr marks like you’re talking about, which is why I asked for RONALD’s thoughts about it

    3. @izzem this is an open forum. I was simply adding to the comments. I get where you are coming from and my comment directly addressed your comments. The black grease was an example of when you should get permission to clean your ball with something other than a dry towel. Otherwise no one should be stopping play. It is pointless to try and keep your ball perfectly clean during bowling.

    4. @RysterARCEE Actually my fault because i didn’t mean someone who is about to bowl is stoping to get their ball cleaned, I meant after that person is done with their frame then they ask an offical for approval to clean the ball. I was speaking from my experience last night when a league player/ offical had to leave lane 4 to watch me clean my ball on lane 15.

  2. Ronald, I have seen people comment about using isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean a bowling at home. Is this a good idea?

    1. Not a good idea. Rob Johnson of lane side Reviews did a comparison with rubbing alcohol and he proved the point.

  3. Hey Ronald I have a league that starts this week and I was wondering which ball would be a great league ball dv8 notorious or Motiv forge fire

  4. Hey Ron is simple green and alcohol a good ball cleaner and is aloe and alcohol a good urethane ball cleaner

    1. I think it’s best to use ball cleaners made from Manufacturer’s. They know best how to take care of bowling ball coverstocks.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr I would use manufacturers ball cleaner but they are so expensive and I can’t get a job because I’m 13

  5. I bought the storm proton physix and i was wondering if i could use that trucut hand applied polish on it that’s on your site?

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