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Resurfacing a bowling ball can be an easy process if you follow the correct process on a ball spinner! Today we take a bowling ball that has been used quite a bit to making it look like new again! We go from 80 grit all the way to 6200 grit (TruCut Hand Applied Polish on the spinner). TruCut Sanding Products are featured in this video and you can find all of the products used in this video below.

TruCut Conditioner:

TruCut Resurfacing Pads:

TruCut Sanding Pads:

TruCut Hand Applied Polish Powered by Turtle Wax: - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

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28 Comments on “How to properly RESURFACE a Bowling Ball | Using a Bowling Ball Spinner”

  1. I was a little hesitant about how different TruCut hand applied polish powered by Turtle Wax was to other polishes on the market, but this video had me sold about how little product you need! I have a ball spinner myself and I plan to buy it and all nine grits for resurfacing.

  2. Let’s say ball from factory is 500/1000 and powerhouse polished would you be able to duplicate using 500 /1000 ctd pads and try cut polish? I would like to keep my gb2pp and mission unknown at factory spec

  3. When you resurface, do you worry about cutting too much surface off where it’s literally 1 mm or more smaller in diameter? Some of my older balls I resurfaced more than once don’t fit as tight in the Pro-Sect anymore so I stopped using them.

    1. You can. Resurface the labels off of some balls and they are still legal from a size standpoint. We have a video coming that will show that.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr agree. I think the USBC has a wide range of legal diameter balls. But when you start missing baby splits, you start looking at whether you want to really be using a ball that is 1-2mm smaller than every else’s. However, I think maybe you have better info on how to resurface without cutting so deep into the ball. The one that I have that is significantly smaller still has all its labels (X-Factor Vertigo).

  4. What other certificate polish can I use that is the same as the turttle 5500 angular that you are using in the video?

  5. Would this work on a reactive resin ball from 1993? I still have my Rhino Pro Teal (Sanded factory finish). I would like to see if I can bring it back to life.

  6. Ron was there any reason to sand with any grit finer than 1500 since the HY ROAD is a hydred ball and from the factory it’s only1500 and polished? I’ve had a spinner for over 30 years and most polishings I only do four sides and every 8 to 10 times I’ll do six or eight sides for roundness. Here’s a question I just purchased a Storm Fast Pitch and polished it almost every pro shop I called and asked how can I polish it almost every shop said sand it to 5000 for length. But the ball would still read at mid lane. I used 3M compound and polish the ball glowed up but the break point is still at mid lane. Any idea to get another 10 to 15 feet down lane without more than a 5 board belly on the ball? I’ve just started bowling again this year and at 190 mostly used pearl ant=d hybrid equipment With turtle wax products length and reaction have been good. Before I had to stop for twenty years I averaged mid 200 to two teens have 19 honor scores. so I have an idea what I’m looking for the only thing that’s changed is my back was destroyed in a car wreck so a twenty year down time. So I bowled a lot the years before the only problem is muscle memory sucks right now but that will improve and if it doesn’t well this is more for fun now. I can’t see myself playing sixth or seventh arrow at over sixty. WAAAY to much work and practise involved. But back to the main question what can I do for a break point further down the lane?

  7. 5300+ thumbs up. OK, at least 2 thumbs up! I need all of this and the Restoration System; ball spinner, all the juice. Magnifying glass, so I know when it’s time to pump up the performance. It’ll take awhile to get my shopping list together, but it’s got to happen. We all know how an OOB ball rolls. I fully expect a hambone every time I drill a new ball. It’s just the nature of new balls.

  8. Hey Ronald, thanks for the video, it’s amazing how that old beat up ball looks after you finished with it! I love the products you have that I have tried so far and look forward to someday owning a ball spinner setup like you have. Is there a specific reason why CTD does not make the Transition Reducer liquid anymore? I really could tell the difference when using it, but unfortunately, I misplaced my almost full bottle and can’t seem to find a replacement anywhere else. Hope to see y’all at the Military Bowling Tournament again if it happens this year.

  9. do u think the proshop have a surface machine or ball spinner i can use to resurface my two balling bowls

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