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36 Comments on “How to Properly Sand a Bowling Ball at home”

  1. A lot of bowlers do not tend to their ball after the 6 to 9 games and then the ball be going down the lane doing some crazy stuff like not hitting the pocket or just staying in the skid phase and then they wonder why what’s wrong with my ball that is the problem you need to sand your ball after at least six to nine games very good information indeed

  2. can you list the products u used from that purple stuff and whatever that i in the silver bottle

    rn i am at my peak where i can easily start scoring 200s more often like an actual pro, and ofc i am in need for my second striker ball to perform just as well as my first is so that i can be ready and well armed for scoring higher than my average which is like probably around 150-170pts

  3. I want my Gauntlet to get down the lane more but still have a good snap in the back of the lane. No a high rev bowler. What grit should I use?

  4. Can I use just water? I have that cleaning stuff as well and what grid should I use for best performance?

  5. How many uses can you get out of one sanding pad? and how do you know when it’s time for a new/different pad?

  6. Say we do sand according the factory settings but the ball doesn’t look like it came out of the box what do we do????

  7. Hi Ron, great video. I haven’t picked up a bowling ball in 10 years and I was wondering if I could use this stuff on my old equipment instead of going out and buying brand new balls. Thanks

    1. You won’t be able to be consitent with Scotch Bright since it doesn’ cut uniformly. It has an average grit which means it can leave swirl marks and is why it is not used in bowling any more.

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