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18 Comments on “How to PROPERLY STORE Your Bowling Ball for Long Periods of Time (Summer Months)”

  1. What if we want to display them like a show room? I have them on a epoxy ball cup in my room

    1. Letting them sit exposed to air and light is not good for them, as Ron just mentioned, regardless of what they are sitting on.

    2. @waynegonzales2951  so there’s no way to display, then without them having a cracking chance. I know some pro shops have balls on display, but none of them are cracked. But I also wonder what’s the % of it does them leaving them in a bag.

    1. You can also use the plastic bags the balls come shipped in from the manufacturer. Just ask your PSO for them, or don’t throw them out when you get a new ball.

    2. @Wayne Gonzales Thanks, but I’ve got forty reactives in the supplied new ball bags with rubber bands holding them closed. However a bag with a slide seal would be much better. The largest that I can find are one gallon bags at the market. That’s why I asked.

  2. EXCELLENT video! .. thank you so much! .. I want to protect my balls (bowling balls especially 🤣) so they last as long as possible. I have often wondered how I should be storing them when I am not actively using them. I would have liked if you could have touched a little on temperature and humidity though. Should they be stored in a “cool dry place” ? .. should you protect them against temperature changes (either radical changes or temperature changes that fluctuate repeatedly (day, night, etc))?

  3. Are some manufacturer’s balls more susceptible to cracking than others? While it’s prudent to take care of your equipment, I do not think that neglect and environmental conditions are the only factors in ball cracking. I have only had two balls crack in all my years of bowling, and they both came out of the same plant.

    1. I do think some balls are more prone to cracking than others. That is mostly a function of the chemical makeup of the coverstock.

  4. How about environmental conditions beyond light like heat or cold and humidity and temperature fluctuations?.

    Is there a minimum or maximum temperature that it should be stored in?

  5. Ron, how do you feel about merely leaving them in the bowling bag? Mine, traditionally, never leave my 3-bag roller, which stays in a dark closet.

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