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23 Comments on “How To Protect Your Bowling Hand Inside a Bowling Ball To Throw More Strikes | Brad and Kyle”

  1. It would be cool if you could get a video compilation of all the pros on tour of how they use their tape

  2. Thank you for all the content. I’m coming you both. You two are amazing bowlers. I will be a pro. #PBA2021

  3. Im a sweater. I can’t put my thumb in for more than a few seconds before my approach or else the ball will drop right to the floor. Yes, i use rosin.

    1. keep the tape inside ur car…or in house…wear it if u are planning to go out to bowl….somewhere btween it..u must have a dry thumb..and put it..I have the same situation too..

  4. My thumb kept tearing on the side and it blistered, ripped, blistered and then swollen and now my thumb is permanently deformed. So I went two handed as I just couldn’t get the thumb right.

  5. A question for both of you, when bowling do you either of you tuck your pinky in to help get your hand around the ball more?

  6. Good timing on the video… I just went back to using fingertips from a standard grip. My fingers are cracking at the first knuckle very bad and it hurts a ton when they open up as I bowl.

    I think I’m going to use some tape on my fingers and have my fingertips changed a size up so I can have a good fit with tape on my fingers.

  7. *Back of the Thumb tape* increased my rev rate instantly. I started using it a few years ago and haven’t bowled without it since. Super underrated accessory. 🎳

  8. I have wrapped my wrist the same way for a couple of years now, and it definitely helps. I also wrap my index finger, but also my pinky. πŸ˜‰πŸ»

  9. Kyle, I tore my scaphoid ligament bowling in March of this year. Underwent scaphoid repair surgery with wires and pins in my wrist. Just started bowling league again this month. Wrist is stronger now but I will definitely try the tape. Wish I had known more about tape couple years ago as I had wrist problems for a while. Thanks

  10. Dear Brad and Kyle. I took up bowling again after years. I started out with a straight ball and in a few months I upgraded to a reactive ball with tips and was learning how to hook the the reactive ball. With in the month of throwing my reactive ball I developed Bowlers Thumb. The bace of my thumb became so sensitive that just the slightest touch would send a debilitating shock up my arm and caused me to let go of whatever I was holding. I have abstained from using my thumb at all and bowling with two hands which I was always critical of others doing. LoL My thumb has gotten better but I’m scared that it will happen again. I haven’t seen any other videos on this subject. Do you have any input in this subject? Thanks, Zod.

  11. Would you recommend it for knees, cause always have knee pain in my slide knee after a long tournament and have never really tried any form of athletic tape for my knee

  12. I am sweaty and once in a while the ball slips off my thumb, I am considering buying a bowling glove, will that help or not?

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