How to Put Your Hand Into a Bowling Ball

It doesn’t matter which style of bowler you are, how you put your hand in the ball has an effect on ball motion down the lane. It is important to note that when you pick up the bowling ball off of the ball return, you need to use both hands. Using both hands eliminates excessive squeezing or grip pressure. Eliminating grip pressure will allow your fingers to come out of the ball faster, helping to create more revs.

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In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains how you put your fingers into the ball and where you place the other fingers that aren’t in the ball. By learning this, you can manipulate where and when the ball hooks.

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3 Comments on “How to Put Your Hand Into a Bowling Ball”

  1. When I was a kid, the most fun thing about bowling was sliding while I released the ball. That was a long time before now when I have recently picked up bowling again. Sliding may have never been the thing i thought it was or it’s just a thing of the past. But anyway- it would sure be cool if there was a video filter showing the kinetic forces used to bowl a frame.

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