24 Comments on “How to Read the Invisible Oil on a Bowling Lane with PBA Pro Marshall Kent”

  1. Another great video with useful information. Marshall has been great bowler from the time I first saw him win a junior championship where he won a college scholarship to the present. He also seems to be a all around great guy as you are Mike! Thank you for your support of the bowling game.

  2. Great video! Do you think in the future you can talk about foot placement as well during these types of targeting videos? It looks like on lane #2 Marshall was standing on 35, aiming at 18 (arrows), and 7 (breakpoint). I’d be curious to hear more insight about why he was choosing to stand where he does for these types of angles. Thanks!

  3. I joke about it a lot, but Inside Bowling should do some content on how to loft the gutter cap. I mean if I have less rotation than Liz Johnson and I find myself needing to loft the cap…

  4. I think this was a great video. Except the expectation to bowl on (entirely) unknown conditions is rare. I think it is easy to find out at least the length of the pattern you will be on. I would like to see pros philosophy when approaching different conditions. If it’s shorter/less volume do xyz, if it’s longer/more volume follow xyz.

  5. I definitely agree with the process and this is what I do for league weekly. Most nights I can throw over second arrow and make small adjustments as needed. Thanks for an Intel video, that can be put to use immediately and anywhere.

  6. Great video, very informative! Marshall and Prather would be a awesome doubles team, both of their heads together, unstoppable

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