24 Comments on “How To Spare The 3-6-10 combination! #shorts #howto #practice #bowling #coaching”

    1. @Qahx it’s easy on house but it’s murder on harder stuff. Can’t really move your feet and hook at it cause if you flag it or pull it it’s not gonna get back. Better to throw straight at it with plastic, takes the lanes out of the equation

    1. all you have to do is flatten your hand on release… it takes practice, but that is the name of the game, after all!

  1. I pictured rolling in a league, lanes were dry, and same attempt broke early causing the spare to be made by hitting the left side of the three pin…lol

    1. Like that, he’s just looking at the pins most likely. Just look at the reflection of the place you’re trying to hit and throw straight at it

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