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  1. How can I get a copy of the score sheets Shannon uses for her players during matches? I just need to see one please.

  2. Just figuring out that this is what I should have been doing last week on league night. Making speed adjustments instead of just changing balls.
    Though one shot I did whip my Ice spare ball for a strike. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

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  4. Great tip. You can also do this with a ball that you know is a really bad idea for the lane condition you are on, in order to make it even harder!

  5. Hello, can I ask a question? What adjustment at first would you recommend by changing lane condition, moving feet / eyes or another bowling ball?

  6. Where are you looking on the lanes prior to releasing the ball? Pins, arrows, or dots? I find looking at the pins I roll a better ball but am not consistent. When I look at the dots I am consistent but my balls doesn’t roll as smooth. Thanks.

  7. I’m confused, usually if I’m leaving ten pins that means I’m hitting behind the head pin so I move back half a step as an adjustment to hit more flush… what does moving forward that much do???

    1. It slows your ball speed down.

      If you’re trying to hook plastic, you need to lower the ball speed to give it a better chance of reading the lane and catching friction. That gives you a better chance of getting the hook you want, and therefore, angle into the pocket.

      If you don’t slow the ball speed… if you throw your normal shot that you’d use with reactive… you’ll find that plastic ball ZINGS down the lane like a rocket and doesn’t hook at all. THAT may help you on spares… but it won’t help you get any hook and have any angle into the pocket.

  8. In practice I like to use every ball in my arsenal if possible.. and even throw my spare ball as a strike ball. I have scores of 200+ with everything I own currently, racked up a 223 with my spare ball, RotoGrip Bullseye. Never know when having the comfort of trusting everything you own will come in handy to get points and wins..

  9. Also helps you know what your spare ball will do across the lane for spares.
    Great tip Shannon.

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