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19 Comments on “How to use Creating the Difference products”

  1. What do you mean when you say your product extends the life of the bowling ball?
    If I buy a ball that comes with a three-year warranty, are you saying your product will extend my ball’s life past those 3 years??

    1. Bowling Brawn Our Product will absorb into your bowling ball and remove the oil that builds up in the coverstock. It also leaves a tackifer material in the coverstock that actually helps to increase the friction the ball can create. These two things will slow down ball performance loss and extend the life of your bowling ball. What you are referring to is cracking which is also something we are testing.

    2. It puts tackafir in the ball to make it more tacky an to extend the life of the plasaciser in the ball

  2. The change allowing only a dry towel to clean bowling balls during competition becomes effective Aug. 1, 2019. It eliminates the use of liquid cleaners of any kind during competition, which aligns with other changes to ensure equipment is not manipulated during competition.

    Ron, thanks for all you do for our sport. Will this new rule prevent us from using That Purple Stuff on a shammy between shots?

    1. That Purple Stuff will become a before and after cleaning product. We will have other product that will take advantage of the new rules coming soon.

  3. My 3000 grit pad kind of slicked over after use on a spinner. Any tips on preventing this on higher grit pads?

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