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11 Comments on “How to Use TruCut Sanding Pads”

  1. I have a venom coral blue that the out of box finish was 4000 grit after using it for 6 months it seems to not hook any so I bought the p5000d pad and the conditioner and sanded the ball with no result. So I bought a 2000 grit pad and sanded it with still no result. What am I doing wrong?

    1. If your ball isn’t hooking after multiple surface changes, it may not be the ball. Consult a local USBC trained bowling coach for assistance.

    2. Good questions! I haven’t had that issue when using these pads and conditioner. The only thing i will ask is are you using the pads by hand or using a ball spinner? I got different results when using the ball spinner vs hand. Results with the ball spinner seem to be better

    3. @HollowArt using by hand. I’m thinking about having the oil extracted and the ball resurfaced at the proshop. I know one issues is when I bought that ball I had just started and my ball speed was around 11-12 and now I’m at 13-14 but that’s still pretty slow should have plenty of time to hook but it just doesn’t.

  2. Love these pads. Great consistent cut every time. Just FYI, the 6″ pad is the larger one and the 5″ pad is the smaller one. He pointed to them in the wrong order as he was describing them.

  3. I found the sanding guide on the CTD website, which shows the different bowling ball brands and what pads to use. Is that guide still valid and how often do you update it if need be?

  4. I recently purchased the pack with the 6 pads in it. Worked great but after the second use the 3000 grit pad lost its bite. Any recommendations on what i can do? Had them less then a month.

    1. Ok, so less pressure then. You can get to the number very quickly with these pads. If you are using 3k make sure you put 2k on it first. That will speed up the overall process.

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