27 Comments on “How We Practice For PBA Shows”

  1. Tommy Baker has been amazing many times. I still remember him setting the qualifying record, in Denver, circa 1981. Absolutely Amazing.

  2. I just said I wish Brad and Kyle would talk about how they are managing practice this week knowing they will bowl against one another.
    I feel Kyle has a slight edge on Brad this week.

  3. What I hear from this is, Kyle is working on his 1 board moves and accuracy, while Brad is working on transforming into Rob Smith!

  4. Brad- β€œFly like an (BALD) Eagle”
    Kyle- Smooth Criminal or β€œThank god I’m a country boy” Just have fun boys and bowl good!

  5. I like how you guys are simulating this game before the big game. Take some of the nervousness out to bowl good on the big day. Good luck to both of you!!!

  6. Brad, a friend of mine played this song on repeat 20 times in a row. We were down in this tournament and our team was pretty out when the song came on for the 6th time. This guy out of nowhere yells ” who the *%$# keeps playing this song!?” We all started laughing. It eased all of the tension, we loosened up and ended up winning the whole thing. The son was…. Eye of the tiger lmao

  7. I wanna hear the announcers on FS1 say, “We’ve got ourselves a roll-off!” Either that, or a mention of “Brad FREAKIN’ Miller” or “The Shermanator”

  8. That was fun to watch shout out to both of you good luck in finals cheers from Tasmania Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  9. Guys, you look like you are riding high! Looks like all of your grinding is paying off big time. Good things ahead I feel

  10. It doesn’t matter which of you guys in ‘The House’ does it, just ‘git er done’, and ‘wrap up this ‘whole enchilada’! Congrats to both Brad and Kyle for making TV again! πŸ‘

  11. It’s Brad’s time to Shine, KyleπŸ˜†. I want you both to have a good year though. Lots of wins and tv appearances.

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