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31 Comments on “I Challenged A Pro Bowler And We All Can Learn Something”

    1. Kenny Grinols you seem to know everything so we should meet at fireside at 9 and bowl some pot games on this “light volume”

    2. @Taylor Jacobs All I said was it was lighter than Country Club. Take your fuckboi bullshit somewhere else.

  1. Ron I was their at the event I called you the YouTube guy your such a great guy thank you for being so awesome

  2. Maybe Tang should have taught us how to grab a plastic ball, move right and own the pocket on the burn.

  3. Sweet. Love this content… kool equipment as well. Looking at something for fall league starting soon. Now do I go for the pro motion or idol pro, last one I got was physix…

  4. so, there are PRO bowling balls? I was told by a pro shop owner they were all the same…Im confused Ron!!!

    1. Jimy Jimy they are all the same. The pros use the same equipment as everyone else except when they get to use it on tour before everyone else. The “pro” is just part of the name of the balls.

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