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  1. Pressing question! I’m getting three balls ordered today…but I need suggestions of the best ball for wood lanes Medium Flat?? I’m about 250-300rpm at 14-15mph with 75-90axis rotation

  2. Bowl well guys! Let’s go Brad & Kyle! If you guys continue to struggle maybe think about switching the channel name to Kyle and Brad?

  3. Well I officially updated my arsenal to all Storm related products last weekend in Vegas. ( Thanks John JB Bowling supply)
    I now have a Reality a Zen and a Zen U for my hook balls.
    First time throwing Urethane last night. The thing is a sweet addition. I now see why people love it.
    Thanks for the videos

  4. I bought a NOVA based on watching Brad ‘F’ng’ Miller throw his often – Best choice in balls I have made in a long time – 3 new balls this year – Realty Check – Nova – Electrify GO – to match up with my trusty old Intense Fire, and the Hustle Camo and E Solid — Storm Products are my go to — Com’on Brad ! have a week dude !

  5. I was on the fence about my supernova but then I polished it the other day and let’s just say it’s going to stay like that😂

  6. Got to bowl with Sam Cooley at the buffalo pro am. Was one of the best moments to bowl along side him.

  7. i think its still pretty ridiculous how the 1st place prize is still only 25k even as bowlero is growing so much. i hope they continue to support the pba

  8. OMG that is bowling heaven to just walk into a trailer and pull a ball off the shelf drill and throw it. I wanna cry.

  9. Question for the both of u , what is an average ball speed that u prefer for any lane consistently ,and is it always the same wheight balls

  10. I love the Hyroad Max and really want a replacement for mine but they stopped making it 🙁 Looking for a 15lb plz help

  11. It was a privilege to get to bowl with both of you in the pro-am! I was hoping to be lucky enough to meet one of you but to get both of you plus Chris Via was awesome! I really appreciated how down to earth you guys are and much you engaged with all of us! I just got done watching your first qualifying round. Have to miss the next two so hoping you guys make it into the top 24 for Thursday night!

  12. I’m considering getting a new ball before I fly out to Vegas at the end of May for the women’s open championship, either a storm nova or zen soul. The Kokomo classic is Brad’s tournament to win. It’s time for the bald eagle to fly high! Go Brad!

  13. One day I’ll be bowling alongside y’all. My average is only a 170 right now but watching y’all’s videos has been extremely eye opening. Love the content and am wishing you guys the best of luck! Kyle your release is gorgeous am I try to emulate it every throw.

  14. Belmo’s vlog has been amazing so far! I think it’s super cool how you guys shout each other out! Amazing community among the pros it seems.

  15. Nothing wrong with old school Brad and Kyle vlogs! Kyle I hope you got the “Holy Grail” in that Nova! I had a Nova once…….It was a 1972 and a Chevy! Any who bowl well this week guys we’re all rooting for you.

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