20 Comments on “I FAILED To Average 200 in this Amateur Event!”

  1. Brad, hope your knee recovers quickly. It looks as if it was really bothering you the last few games—probably kept you out of the top four playoff.

  2. You and Kyle, Packy, and DTang got me back into bowling after more than 20 years! Keep up the great content!

  3. I have been watching this tournaments and looks very brutal. Great bowling Brad and great job on finishing 5th.

  4. Brad, can’t say it enough – it was great to meet you, love the attitude. I’m in the vid at the 6:30 mark. I wish you all the best in the upcoming tour, especially the U.S. Open in two weeks. Tell Kyle I’m praying for him and hope to see him back on tour soon. Stay healthy and blessed, hope to see you again.

  5. Great bowling hold your head up you will be back!!! I know that finish in next to last game. But shot was tough.

  6. I was watching this last night because I’m a nut. Heartbreaking on that big 4. I was rooting for you. Hope there’s no long term issue with that knee. Good luck in the open.

  7. It was a pleasure meeting you brad Miller!!! Hope to see you in the future man!! And bring Kyle next time!!

  8. Inwatched this event that pattern was brutal for any high rev player. Plus it looked like brad tweaked his knee.

  9. Best of luck on Tour this season. Hope to see you on some shows (even winning one!). Also hope for some great collabs with the rest of the guys.

  10. I watching watching last night and you didn’t do that bad compared to the amount of people that entered. That 39ft custom pattern was just super brutal and you weren’t the only person having trouble. You held strong till the end and thats what we always like to see. Keep of with the great content Brad.

  11. Back into bowling after 18 year layoff. Thanks to you and Kyle, The House, and Darren Tang for keeping me inspired during my comeback. Bowling the Pro Am at the Open. Hope to see everyone there.

  12. I watched almost the whole tournament. I saw you hurt your knee. That’s a hard one to deal with never knowing when your going to tweek it again. I was rooting for you !

  13. Wishing a speedy recovery for Kyle… will he be travel with you to ball rep? Good luck and snap one off this year Brad!!

  14. Thank you for streaming these events. It’s like being there and participating through you. How about some interviews of random bowlers?

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