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  1. More content of you talking strategy and talking to ball reps. Very informative and I think that’s what a lot of us wanna see.

  2. I can see why it would be easy to get in a bad place mentally, but kudos to Brad for keeping his emotions in check. Still so many opportunities for PBA tour titles. Brad is gonna win one soon. Praying for you, Brad. ❤

  3. Steve is such a goat, he coaches a some guys on my high school team and every time they show major improvement

  4. Hi Brad & Kyle! Thank you for doing these videos with the behind the scenes look! One question I have, when you have these long format tournaments, Do you consider one of the Squad schedules better than others? If so, can you rank for this tournament, which is most to less desirable? You can also tell that has the block goes on, it gets hard and more draining because the shirts become less and less tucked in on just about everyone, specially Brad’s! BTW, love Kevin’s music in these videos! Ken

  5. Hey Brad and Kyle, I have a question: When lane conditions get like this, why not just go old school and grab a plastic ball and pitch it in straight off the corner? The carry might not be wonderful, but at least you’re leaving singles pin spares instead of splits. Should be able to produce low 200 scores when that’s all you need….

  6. Your mental game is strong and is being made apparent, so hats off to Brad!
    Side note I would also like to give a shout out to Momma Via, because how awesome is it that she just bakes lord knows how many cookies she makes for the guys on tour and she does it out of nothing but her kind heart. Keep being awesome Mrs. VIA!

  7. Keep grinding Brad. You struggled some, and when you made good shots you got a lot of bad carries. Every bowler on this planet, and probabably every golfer too, can tell you that some days you just have to nod and move on when this happens. You are a great bowler and there will be other days when it all comes together for you. You got this!!

  8. Utterly dig the content guys. You can see Brad wants to just go mental but kept it in check. They look just butt ugly nasty on the lanes. When nobody is averaging 220 you know they are tough. Remember you are Brad F’N Miller. Keep grinding guys.

  9. It just feels really odd to see a bunch of pros in the same alley bowling in what might just be the hardest tournament of the year, and you see that they left the house balls out. With these oil patterns I could see someone going on tilt and getting desperate enough to actually use one…

  10. I’ll watch all day. From what I analyzed several shots were thrown well but when everyone started lofting looked like the higher rev rate players were getting the action they needed. There were several shots I saw that Brad threw the same ball as other people but just needed that extra snap in as it started to make its way into the pocket.

  11. Really liked the opening discussion of the patterns and how the players moving affected it. 8:30: And looking at the scoring standing sheet, the two handed guy, Tomas Kayhko, did make hay when things were good early and he needed it because he finished 133 197 and 172.

  12. Brad looked like he handled himself well. I wish I was at -23 at the end of a sport pattern tournament block. Seem like he stayed present and gut it out with what he had in his arsenal. I mean what else are you going to do? Good job on the vlog. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  13. You have done amazing in keeping it together seeing how tough the lane conditions were. Inspiring! And you stay and remain humble which is why you’re the GOAT! Love seeing Kyle and Brad in action. Keep grinding!

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