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Here is the Rule from USBC that we are discussing.

Rule 18 – Bowling Ball – Altering Surface
While bowling in USBC competition, a bowling ball cannot:
a. Have the surface altered by the use of an abrasive.
b. Be cleaned with any liquid substance or cleaning agent.
c. Have any foreign material on it including, but not limited to, powder, rosin, marker or paint.
All bowling balls so altered or cleaned must be removed from the competition.

Note: Should a foreign substance appear on the outer surface of a bowling ball which cannot be removed with a dry towel, an approved cleaner may be used with consent from a league or tournament officer.
If you have more questions check this out.

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You can read the entire rule book here.

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    1. @alexaviermunoz _ League bowling has been dying a slow death for a while. High average bowlers are sick of giving away pins (money) when opponents have a 40, or more, pin lower average. Most league bowlers are glorified recreation bowlers who never train and seldom practice.

    2. @God’s Cop Our league the higher average players win money mostly so no one there has been complaining except the lower average players.

    3. TeamIFDVideos USBC has opened up a real can of worms with all the new stupid rules!! Probably the final nail in Bowling’s Coffin ⚰️!!

    4. @God’s Cop league bowling is not dying in my area but what is dying off is leagues that are USBC Affiliated because certain facilities around here do offer leagues without being USBC affiliated. The downside being you won’t be able to play in USBC sanction events. There are a lot of League Bowlers who don’t play in tournaments so joining a non USBC Affiliated league would benefit them

  1. Thanks a lot, USBC! Now when I bowl tournaments at certain houses, each block will take an hour longer since we’ll all get belt marks on every shot. Now we have to hunt down an official 10 times a game to clean the ball. If USBC wants less than a million sanctioned bowlers, they’re doing well at it. And that includes the stupid unnecessary extra hole rule.

  2. The biggest thing I learned from watching all these videos is to spray the towel then wipe the ball. I use to spray the ball like an idiot

    1. @nick rumley well if u spray the ball then the spray kinda gets everywhere on the table ,floor, and creates a mess but ur ball really gets soaked up, if u spray the towel first, half the liquid gets absorbed by the towel leaving not much for the ball. its a tough choice. i wish ceo ronal hinkman would make a video about this

    2. and don’t spray anything in the settee area….the mist could land somewhere someone might step before it dries or even leaves a bit of residue.

      Sticking at the line can cause serious injuries as every bowler already knows. But often it’s easy to make a casual error…

    3. By George I got it . Spray it on a paper towel first , that will soak up and you can wipe the ball. If u spray it on a microfiber towel it will literally just disappear as though u sprayed nothing on it

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Except when had a look in the supermarket, on the eraser packet it said not to use it in on polyurethane surfaces. Though Roland did spray cleaner on the ball first so maybe the cleaner acts as a lubricant and stops any wear on the surface.

    2. Just tried cleaning up scuff marks with a Eco white magic block. Spayed the cleaner from the silver bottle, cleaned up very well, tbe block doesnt absorb the cleaner so lubricates well. Block is filthy.

  3. This seems to work well, but the magic eraser, or scuff remover as you called it, appears to change the surface. Have you tried this with a shiny ball? Does it stay shiny?

  4. So what if after every shot there are scuff marks on your ball? The places out here are falling apart. We had to switch lanes because the ceiling was leaking on the lane.

  5. Last tournament I had to ask the league director 4 separate times to clean crap off my ball… the 3rd time they where like “what the hell is going on with your lane”

    1. I would rather the rule just say something along the lines of you can clean your ball at the end of each game or during the game to remove scuff marks but you need permission from a League official during the game.

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