23 Comments on “I’m Bowling The Hardest Tournament Of The Year (SO FAR)”

  1. When you mentioned Hoskins, I was thinking to myself ‘Is Steve Hoskins back competing’? But I saw it was Alex on that standings sheet, then it was ‘… never mind’. Wishing Kyle well in getting past that 2nd hip issue, so we can all see him back on the lanes soon! Git ‘er done!

  2. You’re pretty unenthusiastic about that 2nd place 😅

    Seriously, nice bowling though. Looking forward to the PBA Season!

  3. It was super cool meeting you brad been a fan for awhile made the cut so I’ll see you tomorrow 🤝🏻 thanks for the picture as well !!

  4. 200 avg league bowler. I’ve always been curious how I would do in a regional. I’ll be a guinea pig for the channel so other league bowlers can hear how much more difficult a pattern like this is compared to a house shot

    1. In all likely if you are just 200 Ave league bowler on sport you would likely be 180s if you are experienced but if not 150s

    1. I had a session with Mike last June and it was worth every penny. I still have his notes hanging on my bulletin board in my bedroom.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you on the tour again, Brad. I bowled in a tournament today that was part of the Jimmie Allen down home series, and made the top 32. Wasn’t expecting to cash, but it was a fun experience. Six games of qualifying (moved to a different pair each game, which was new to me) and 2 games of match play. I have never bowled so many games in one day.

  6. If you want a HARD tournament you need to come and bowl the Snowman Doubles in Shawnee next year, hand oiled lanes

  7. I had the Pleasure of Working With Mike Jaus, Helped with Approach and Timing, really appreciated the opportunity

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