Improve your balance and release with this drill | 1 step drill

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17 Comments on “Improve your balance and release with this drill | 1 step drill”

  1. I actually warm up with a 1 step approach. It helps me keep my speed down when I go to my standard 4 step.

    I have also noticed it increases my rev rate in the first game by doing this, something that can be an issue later in the set if I don’t move right fast enough.

  2. I am a low rev player trying to get my release better where do you reccomend I look for my target when I release the ball and I also tend to loft the ball alot more then I want to

  3. Sooo, here’s a dumb question. If you can throw an amazing ball and get strikes from just taking one step, why even bother with 4 or 5 steps?

    1. tom richardson lane translation maybe…. it isn’t uncommon for the oil to start drying up in the mid lane so you’ll likely stop seeing strikes without some type of adjustment which could involve speed.

    2. My problem with doing a 1-step drill is that I use all types of arm strength to try to get it down the lane faster. In other words, the exact opposite of a free, unmuscled swing. Now if I’m in a situation where I’m not paying per game and don’t CARE if the ball goes in the left gutter every time, then it would be a good drill…

  4. I have watched a lot of your videos lately and your bowling tips have been very helpful so thanks for that. So here is a tip for you from me. I owned a video business for almost 18 years and believe it or not extra light is almost always needed when shooting video. Even though you are indoors with a lot of ambient light around you, video cameras do not work as well as our eyes do. So I would suggest you get a small battery powered LED camera light and mount it on or near your camera and use as a fill light and it should remove all of the shadows on your face and under your eyes and make your video look more natural. If not that, you can open your aperture about 1 or 2 stops and let more light in. But that will also make the background brighter too. Like bowling, there are a bunch of things to think about to make a video look better. As I said, I enjoy your videos.

  5. I bowl with only two finger (but still use 1 hand only). Given I don’t have my thumb to help grip the ball, how could I practice this drill? (As I really want to practice getting my rear leg out to the left – which I don’t currently do). Appreciate any advice 🙏🏼

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