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Rev Rate in bowling is one of the major keys to success. In this video we break down the proper wrist and elbow positions to increase rev rate.




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32 Comments on “Increase Your Rev Rate | Elbow and Wrist Positions”

  1. I think this video could be like 5 minutes long. This is one of the most complicated moves in our sport! I think you should go into greater detail about it, show some videos of yourselves in slow motion and some angles (like your thumbnail in the video, which I thought was going to be discussed), I think that would very helpful to a lot of people.

    Your videos are great though, doing good work! Keep it up.

    1. Brendan Rogers I agree with this 100%. This could, and should be a much longer video. Something I’ve personally been practicing religiously and was hoping to find some good info/tips in this video. Sadly disappointed.

    2. That’s fair! Your video is concise for sure. But I’m sure people will appreciate a more lengthy explanation as well. 🙂

    3. Just keep wrist bent (loaded) untill release. Making a fist helps. Like your giving the pins an uppercut or a side fist.

    4. Brad & Kyle, the problem with erring on the side of brevity is that *_info is missing_* as well as a visualization of what the theory looks like in practice. it’s easy 2 skip past stuff we consider ‘too much information’, but it’s really hard trying 2 fill in the gaps when info isn’t present 2 begin with.

    1. Gipsy Danger Like say you need to flatten the wrist in certain situations or create more side roll. A way of drilling this. Just per say

  2. Cup to uncup is the “new” bowling strategy to get high revs
    NOTE! High revs doesn’t mean big hook, my highest rev i get from throwing my spareball towards 10 pin.
    The big angular hook you get from axis rotation and axis tilt.
    The thumb goes from 7-8 o’clock at bottem of the swing with hand still little under the ball to 4 o’clock with thumb out and follow through with the fingers

  3. This reminds me of the Monty Python sketch about how to play the flute: “Well, you blow in this end, and you move your fingers up and down on these keys!”

  4. (HELP ME) I have good timing, good hand position, good accuracy, but I seem to not be able to uncoil. Like I get loaded up, then I seem to not want to get out of it. And my speed SIGNIFICANTLY is decreased when I bowl coiled. Please help, thank you.

  5. This might incress rpm but what he dusnt tell you is that you sacrifice speed/power majorly

    1. 720gamerboy Gamer
      I think that initially you are correct. But once you begin to practice note and it becomes muscle memory you will be able to see more results.. From day to day

  6. When are we going to get an explanation for why Brad switched from throwing Motiv to now using Storm/Roto Grip?

    1. I thought the same. Then I found Don Johnsons video from the 80’s. This has been around awhile but for some reason its a secret! Read he comments for my link to the part where he talks about this exact new release.

  7. Does a sarge easter grip help with this maneuver? I’ve noticed a lot of the modern bowlers using that grip nowadays.

  8. I find this to be incredibly difficult to do. In my back swing, my elbow is straight. I find it very hard to bend it as it’s coming down, and if I did,. I think it would be too much.

  9. How do you keep the tape stuff on your thumb? When i put it on 2 or 3 frames later it starts to come off.

  10. So.indont turn my wrist when I try this the ball just goes straight what am I doing wrong? I also have trouble woth5 my release and coming across my body and suggestions would be great thank u love your videos

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