20 Comments on “INSANE ENDING To This Bowling Tournament! | Storm Youth Championships”

  1. It is really great to see the number of youth bowlers that gives hope that the sport of bowling is not going to fade into the sunset. Also enjoying watching the great capability these young bowlers have to perform so well on very challenging patterns. Much more than the normal house shot.

  2. Glad to see alot of youth bowlers learning and keep on getting better. Future of bowling is bright. Love it ❤

  3. Holy cow those kids are awesome bowlers!! .. so excellent for you Brad & Kyle to bring us this video. It is refreshing to see our youth engaging in such activities and enjoying life! 💗💗💗

  4. This was one of my favorite videos that you guys have put out. I love just how big of fans you 2 are of these kids. Great content. Great video. Great job.

  5. I grew up bowling there. Great lanes! Great to see they are continuing to get big tournaments up there. Thanks for covering the youth bowlers. I’m sure you made a lot of great memories for many kids.

  6. Just want to say thank you to Brad and Kyle you guys are so great with the kids and everything you guys do!!! Thank you for interviewing my son after his 300 it was so pumped about it!!!

  7. Thank you for supporting and recognize the youth bowlers! We appreciate your time, effort, and energy to hang out with the kids and make this video!!

  8. As Storm brand guys, you should reach out to Brady McDonough. At 15, he’s already won a PBA Regional event in Houston.

  9. It was great to get to talk to you guys. Keep up the great work promoting bowling and good luck next season. hopefully get to see you at another SYC.

  10. Just wanted to say it was super awesome running into you guys at Kwik Trip and thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to talk to me and take a pic with me. It’s pretty cool to have the first bowling Youtube channel I started watching also be the first 2 tour bowlers I have ever met. I really hope you enjoyed your time in Wisconsin while you were here. Honestly, thanks again for the few moments of your time. -Mick

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