11 Comments on “Inside the Life of Parker Bohn III – Professional Bowler”

  1. Thank you Mike for sharing this podcast, so thankful of you!!! I learned so much about PB III, how it all started, the achievements he accomplished thru bowling and what he does in life besides bowling.

    PB III being such a humble person, an ambassador for bowling, a Cal-Ripken for Brunswick and a loving dad when he’s away from the lanes. I have nothing but respect for his game and person, now I got to work on a 4 step to hopefully have some success in my leagues & other bowling tournaments. I wish nothing but the best for PB III in the future and will always support him regardless.

    The lefty bowling fan from Hong Kong.

  2. That was πŸ‘ Fantastic job with the questions. Got a glimpse of who Parker is and his character, which is amazing.

  3. Excellent work Mike!! Really enjoyed getting to know one of the true legends of the game a little better. Parker’s story is very interesting, so thank you for deliverying it to us.

  4. Stellar interview Mike! You were very well prepared and led the interview at a good pace. It was great hearing Parker’s bowling story. What a great bowler and person!

  5. I was a mechanic in Union City CA. (85-87) at Union Square Lanes when Parker Bohn III first bowled the AC Delco Classic. He was very young on the Tour but I remember the word was this kid was going to be special. It turns out everyone was right. He was young but very professional, I remember.

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