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31 Comments on “It’s Game Day! | PBA Tournament of Champions”

  1. Love the videos keep up the amazing work I love bowling and after watching some of your videos I’ve increased my average from around 180 to 197

  2. Met Brad at the HoF in Arlington (I’m the tall gray haired guy that told you to get in front of me to get your video shot, also named Brad). He’s as genuine in person as he comes across on these vlogs. Love your advice to the young man in this one. “Always be nice to people”. SO Important!!! And for those that have made it, be nice to those on your way up, because they may be the same ones you run across on your way back down. Love what you guys are doing for the sport…good bowling!!!

  3. Merch idea: silhouette of Brad Miller behind the camera with his thumb up with text; “THE VLOG”

    1. Travis Dumler i agree. I could tell that the young man was not as impressed and may have felt he could compete even as he tried to downplay his abilities. Even better than an answer of β€˜lace it up and come out to try it’, resources… support system… I had to stop and pay attention to that.

      Having spoken to Brad in person myself I can vouch for what a down to earth person he is and how much love he has for the game.

    1. He is great but to say his release isn’t smooth he comes around it has that old school tommy Jones look. I think Marshall Kent and Kyle have smooth forward spin stay behind it power

    2. He has the true definition of a pendulum swing, very loose and free. It just looks effortless. Every sport has that one player that makes the game look easy. Jordan had the perfect physique, not too big or skinny, not too tall or short, not too powerful or weak… when he jumped he floated.

    3. @NeoooooGaming
      I’ve known E.J. since he was a baby and have had the privilege of watching him grow up, as I’m a few years older. It truly is remarkable to see the transformation in his game over the years. If you could have seen him as just a TINY 5 year old…he struggled to pick the ball up off the rack, toddle to the line, and then use every ounce of strength he had to throw it with two hands down the lane. From that, to the smooth, one-handed, high rev player he is today…it’s incredible.
      There was never a time, in all the years I spent in his parent’s bowling center, that E.J. wasn’t practicing. Instead of listening to the critics who said his size would be an obstacle, that kid put in the work day in and day out. I’ve really never seen anyone work that hard. It’s been a lot of fun to watch his journey the past 20+ years. 😊

    1. @Brent Schmidt I recently learned a nifty trick with scrambled eggs. Apparently it’s been around a very long time.

      when making scrambled eggs, omelets or similar, add a tiny bit of baking powder (not baking soda). To 3-5 eggs I add between 1/16th to 1/8th tsp or so. Beat it into the eggs. The baking powder will make the eggs rise. I found it’s a nifty trick to make big tall blocks if scrambled eggs in the microwave too. The BP seems to control stiffness.

      Works great in your egg pan on stove too.

      Give ot a shot, search around it’s a cool variation on standard scrambled eggs.

  4. Does Brad put another stick of gum in his mouth at every camera cut?! lol πŸ™‚ just kidding, appreciate the work!

  5. Hey guys, just a thought….When you start a new tournament, could you spend a moment giving us an overview of the week ahead. EG: The format from qualifying to finals. Other tournaments & events that are part of overall event. Then on the last video of the week, could you tell us how everyone in ‘The House Squad’ finished.

    You asked for some ideas….I would love to see you guys doing something at an event, that is outside of the bowling.
    1. The House squad Vs Belmo’s squad. A different challenge each week such as 5 a side soccer, pool, darts, frisby throwing, go karting, plus others. (The young upstarts from the house take on the ‘more mature’ Belmo and colleagues) Lots of semi competitive fun with maybe forfeits for the losing team. Give it a catchy title and a silly trophy and this could be a regular 10-15 minute weekly video. (Ham it up with some WWE type verbals to camera)

    2.Bowlers (or The House) Vs fans/ kids: Giant Rock, paper, scissors. EG Kyle against all the kids together. (Brad judging & organising) Everyone does RPS and those that Kyle beats, sit down, Repeat until you have one kid left. Then one more time and if the kid beats Kyle he gets some merch from you.

    3. The PBA does Karaoke…Find a Karaoke bar in the town, have a drink or 2…nuff said !!

    Cheers from Manchester, England.

  6. imagine being on the low end of the house, whiffing a 10 pin, then looking to your left and seeing “LOL”

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