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53 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Bowls One Handed! | PBA Players Championship”

  1. Before I even start watching this I just wanted to say that I appreciate the work and dedication you guys put into this. I saw your IG post today about how you guys were up all night and it just speaks to how great you guys are.

    1. I went to the Tournament of Champions 2 weeks ago and that’s pretty much how it was the whole time. Belmo would shoot 190 and everyone would be cheering and watching. Meanwhile Rash shot 280 and only got a few claps.

    2. @Dave Grant Rash has always been and Egotistical Self centered crybaby dueche, its a wonder why 😛 LOL

    1. Prather’s win was a thing of beauty. To beat those 4 guys is one thing but he absolutely owned 2 lanes that were giving the rest tons of trouble.

    1. xBLACKBEARDx 671 ikr
      Unfortunately I had to the opportunity to meet him on my own house but it was a Tuesday at 9 so would have been hard

  2. Brad, you let Nick go around you? So, you got $50 out of him last week, and you gave him $1000 back this week.

  3. It’s so wierd watching Brad do Kyle things. Next thing you know hes gonna be lofting it and being carried in a mixed doubles tournament. 🙂

    1. Jesse Lee Music I’ve seen no handed bowling in a PVA league they would use ramps and the guys would push the ball down the ramp with there hand if the could move it or there head if they couldn’t and there fussy about the alignment of the ramp it’s gotta be just so for every shot paraplegics vets bowling in wheelchairs, you couldn’t bowl in the league unless you bowled from a wheelchair, I pace bowled which they like because back then my average was 224 so they enjoyed watching me bowl why my dad bowled on the league he’s a paralyzed vet

    2. That’s already happened a long time ago I seen a YouTube video of a physically challenged bowler who doesn’t have arms or legs and he perfects this sport just as Belmonte perfected the 2 handed style throughout his life

  4. There is no channel on YouTube that beats this one I don’t care!❗️ it’s even better when you can relate to these guys and how much fun they’re having

    1. That’s because he is. This sport is full of really great people who aren’t here for the money just here for the fun times and the experience

    2. @Smith 🤣🤣🤣but Jason is really nice I actually met him before when he did the video with dude perfect one of the coolest people ever

    1. Same release pose with no slide because he’s wearing Yeezy’s… One handed Belmo is real and he’s gonna hurt me

    2. TheMisterTango I thought he had a condition that he can’t use one hand and when he did he was fine

  5. Great bowling this week. BFM!!!! 2 shows in a row for KP100K!!! #TheHouse.
    As always Twitch.tv/vitamin_Dtang 😁

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