27 Comments on “Jason Belmonte says THIS about Norm Duke!”

  1. I’m so upset that I didn’t see this sooner. I live about an hour from Springfield and would’ve loved to meet some awesome bowlers!

  2. Yes, the scores are going to be high. Even though it’s a sport shot compliant pattern, these guys are the best in the world and they will get it figured out. I mean you saw Justin Knowles and Frank Snodgrass both throw 300 in the PTQ. Anthony Neuer averaged 250 for the 8 games. It’s going to be a Urethane carry fest.

  3. Excellent! Prather validates ‘The Doomsday Stroking Machine’, and Belmo validates the ‘The Svengali of The PBA’. Thanks guys. Shark, Earl was also the greatest speed control bowler, ever. Many of us witnessed it over the years, either on TV, in person, or both! Excellent vids, keep ’em rollin’. ๐Ÿ‘

  4. Hey I drilled my Nova pin down as well and itโ€™s really been playing well for me. Interested to see your layout.

  5. That was an excellent question you asked everyone Kyle, be interesting to ask more of the players to see how they answer.

  6. In regards to the skid down lane . It’s related to the front to back taper on the pattern . Back in the old days we would say the buff zone was too short meaning the point that the lane machine stopped adding oil and began just buffing was too close the the end of the pattern. We could make the same pattern play totally different by changing speeds on the lane machine and altering the oil volume at the very end of the pattern. Also feels weird to see a tape Graph on the wall. Have not done those since the mid 2000’s.

  7. Thank you for these vids and the work you guys put into editing and posting. I recently got back to bowling after a 15 year break and these vids help me catch up on new developmens as well and learning about lane conditions.

    1. I have been bowling constantly since 1979 and don’t care a bit about techniques and advice. I watch Brad and Kyle because I enjoy their behind the scenes look at the life of being a pro bowler. I have been watching the PBA for 44 years and like to root for and against players based on both their shots and personalities. Their videos help me decide who are my favorite players or Patrick Allens.

  8. I think Brad struck a huge gold mine for video content with capturing the description of the oil pattern and layouts the way he did. And it’d be amazing to hear his experience on how he plans his ball rotation for tournaments according to that. You guys should consider adding that in the pool of subjects to create videos on. Either way, keep up the awesome videos guys! Love watching.

  9. I learn so much from both of y’all’s breakdown of different patterns. I’d be happy with 160 in these conditions.

    Nice to see Via & Belmonte striking with the Mix. I’m telling you, that ball is amazing! So smooth and controllable and hits hard. Shot 300-299-226 for my first 800 a couple of weeks ago with my Mix. Been waiting for the pros to discover the marvel of the Mix. Maybe not on last week’s 49′ flat, though!

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