Jason Belmonte Tries to Bowl as Many Strikes as He Can in 90 Seconds

PBA Tour champion Jason Belmonte tries to throw the most strikes in 90 seconds during the PBA League Challenge skills competition during the PBA Viper Championship presented by PBA Bowling Challenge on ESPN.


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55 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Tries to Bowl as Many Strikes as He Can in 90 Seconds”

    1. Yes because he had to time it slow to ensure the balls are rolled out before the ball strikes, and it was inch perfect as the ball was so close to striking the roller instead. AWESOME

  1. Definitely should have counted the last strike, stupid referees. He deliberately slowed the ball and timed it perfect, genius.

    1. KnickKnack07 the fix the fking machine…he was out of time because the other one ddnt reset well.

  2. Man what a good sport, and also what a great mind. He didn’t wait for the machine to be ready, instead he slowed the ball down and took the shot anyways, timing it PERFECTLY JUST AS THE arm raised. What an incredible shot. He also, although he contested the ruling, took the decision very well. What an athlete!

    1. More like he got lucky. He didn’t time anything perfectly. That is why it didn’t count because the clock had run out before he threw it.

    2. well there are plenty of other bowlers that are just as good but i give him lost of credit. you probably should have seen all the other ones

  3. You would think with the Brunswick GSX you could program those lanes to default to ball 2 on each throw so they reset the rack automatically after each throw… giving the bowler more opportunities to strike. I know with the A2 it’s possible via. a mechanical switch of some sort.

  4. As awesome as that last throw was, if the ball was still in his hand when the timer hit zero I have to agree with the ruling.

  5. this is the sickest bowling highlight ever. he even threw it much slower, with more spin towards the end, and got another strike 😀

  6. They definitely need an actual bowling alley with 15 lanes to make this timed bowling legit for everyone.

    1. but having to run all the way back to first lame may be tiring~ i think 4 lanes should be more than enough to continuously set up the pins before he downs the 3 others

    2. @NeoFreezz there would be no need to run with 15 lanes lol all the pins would be ready for him and he didn’t even come close to 10 attempts releasing the ball lol Even if he did have to run tho, it’s only a 90 second short time strike challenge, a very short distance to the next lane and it’s a set goal to try and set a record so I’m sure running 4 feet to the right shouldn’t be to much for him to bare 😁😁

  7. I’m disappointed they only had two lanes. I was hoping he’d have 20 lanes already set up and he has to run along them chucking like crazy.

    1. yea, wouldve been an absolute thrill to watch him race down 20 lanes trying to get every pin. however, think thats to “radical” for the pba and its aging crowd (the stands give a hilariously vivid image of the dying sport)

    2. @fezzes Oh wow, you’re right. The crowd looks like they just walked across the street from The Price is Right.

  8. That guy just got the collective amount of strikes I’ve had in my entire life in 90 seconds

  9. One of the most stressful events i have ever watched. i love it – Belmo is a pure champ!!!

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