27 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Uses His Own Bowling Ball To Win PBA Kokomo”

  1. Belmo is the goat!! Thanks for the content as always! It’s so much fun to see. Tell Brad to leave you alone as you are educating the masses! LOL

    1. @detsportsfan18 During the era when Walter was in his prime, there were 30+ tournaments a year. Belmo basically bowls 9 events a year. His win percentage is 1st all time, by any PBA bowler, and it’s not even close. If Belmo bowled in Walter’s era, with his win percentage, he’d have 50 titles already. Can’t compare the title numbers when there just aren’t enough events due to the state of the PBA. No disrespect to WRW Jr, he is the greatest player of his era, but Belmo is the greatest of all time.

    2. @Matthew Savageย  To be fair, Walter Ray also did that during one of the most talent rich & diverse fields of bowlers, ever. Belmo doesn’t exactly have to face the same level of competition week in and out. I mean, no offense to Simonsen & Tackett, but they’re no Norm Duke or Pete Weber to say the least.

    3. @detsportsfan18 Belmo is easily gonna surpass that if he stays healthy. But you gotta remember, back in the day, there was a lot more PBA events.

    4. @detsportsfan18 Thatโ€™s debatable for sure. 14 majors is something special. If Belmo lived in the US and there were as many tournaments as before, including the longer formats, heโ€™d have a lot more regular titles. I donโ€™t care for the format of the last two tournaments. 6+6+4+2+2. Itโ€™s a waste of time bowling two games. We need more match play.

  2. Your guy that’s doing videos had done a great job, keep it up. Belmo is the best bowler and that Trend 2 is awesome. Love your vlogs

  3. I have bowled a few tournaments there and carry is very hard!! Smalls bowling centers are awesome though!! He is great for bowling!!

  4. nick pate bowled great and I hope he uses this great game to advance his game to that next step. I hope one of you guys be an forward this message on to him

  5. Safe travels, guys. Stay healthy and stay fit for future bowling tourneys. Brad, I have faith that you will make it to the TOC. You’re bowling great this year. It’s your time to win a PBA tour title (I can’t say it enough, lol).

  6. Brad you’re bowling happy and that’s huge! Nick man feel for you that was every league bowlers cussing kicking and praying ring 10 pin! Keep rolling guys. It’s not a matter of if but when.

    1. Imo the first sentence is the difference between he and Darren right now… Brad is loose and it’s just flowing, Darren is pressing a bit and bowling tight…

  7. Is it common for bowling centers to spray the pin decks? Kokomo heritage said they do this for more slide for the pins. Does this help or hurt carry?

  8. I think the fact the even with a perfect throw you only will strike 90-95% of the time is what makes it difficult.

  9. Brad Miller that Nova with Surface looked good!! Kyle Sherman can be your Ball rep anytime!! Perhaps Kyle Sherman does know of what he speaks!! Great content

  10. So glad the vlog is back! Keep it up guys!

    Quick comment though, sometimes the music volume is a little loud and drowns out the conversations, like when Kris was talking.

  11. You guys are super informative. Do you keep a journal of the different houses you bowl and what works well and when?

  12. Just found this channel a little while ago and I gotta say I love the content
    You guys got me back into bowling 1000% ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ

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